pastarchivesThis my projects page. Here you'll find materials or works i decide to publish on the web.





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CP/M Newsgroups Archive


Project aimed to have a backup of the whole CP/M newsgroups availables on the usenet archives

software-1-48 filler22

MZT My Z80 Tools


A cross-assembler, a linker/librarian and a "smart" disassembler for Z80 binaries in a unique integrated package.


Z80NE Where it all began United Kingdom flag icon 26 Z80NE dove tutto รจ iniziato Italy Flag icon 26


Dedicated to the Z80 computer that changed my life. It was the year 1979...
Dedicato al computer Z80 che ha cambiato la mia vita. Era l'anno 1979...


Z80NE 2006 una nuova vita Italy Flag icon 26

Dopo anni di paziente attesa si torna alla vita!


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