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Helping the CP/M community to share bandwidth and preserve documents

On these page is present a list of web sites dedicated, more or less directly, to CP/M operating system or the Z80 microprocessor, mirrored locally.
The mirroring service is made in the hope of giving a contribution to the (small) CP/M community to maintain bandwidth and in order to mimize the risk of loss of rare documents, software and even the work of webmasters that dedicates to this material passion, time and, yes, also money.

Re-publishing here is done with kindly permission of respective site owners/mainteiners with some minor exception relative to FTP sites that carries material of public nature.


Web Sites

www.gaby.de This is *THE* site of reference for CP/M documents and information. Very well organized and full of stuffs related even to win3.1x. Thanks for the beautiful work Gaby!
www.cpm.z80.de "Unofficial CP/M Web Site". The name says all.
www.z80.info Z80 Family Support Page by Thomas Scherrer, originally hosted on gaby.de
www.znode51.de ZNODE 51 BBS internet site and archive accessible also on gaby.de FTP site (see below).
www.hartetechnologies.com IEEE-696 / S-100 Bus Documentation and Manuals Archive from Howard M. Harte. Originally hosted on HarteTec site.
www.guntersville.net The "Osborne Computer Libreries" collected by John C. Ellingboe
home.att.net/~halbower Hal Bower's Home Page. The reference for B/P bios stuffs (and much other).
www.seasip.demon.co.uk From John Elliott's home page: ... "dedicated to computers and/or operating systems which unkind people might describe as obsolete" ...
www.retroarchive.org Gene Buckle's archive of "software and documentation for all computer systems".
olivetti M20 Very nice site devoted to Olivetti M20 a Z8001 based machine. By Davide Bucci. The master has been moved at http://www.z80ne.com/m20. (Mirror offline actually)
oldcomputers.dyndns.org Fritz Chwolka's HUGE archive of software and documentation mostly related to Z80 and CP/M. Update April 2014: Fritz's site is online again!!
www.retrotechnology.com/roche Herb Johnson has devoted a page on his site to collect and organize files posted on comp.os.cpm by Emmanuel Roche (also hosted locally). Here is a mirror of Herb's original page.
www.seanet.com/~klaw The CP/M-86 Software Repository. Too bad master site is offline now.
www.g-photo.net/projects Francis Görmarker's projects page. Interesting projects based on Z80/Z180 and a very nice preemptive multitasking operating system targeted at Z80/180/280 cpus called OS-X.
www.unix4fun.org Great Udo Munk's z80pack, or "Z80 Emulator and Crossassembler for UNIX", pages. Master site has been moved here and local mirror updated.
www.vegeneering.com  Jean-Michel Howland's homepage that is disappeared from the net.
www.ibiblio.org/zcn ZCN is a free operating system for the Amstrad NC100 (Notepad) and NC200 (Notebook). It's largely compatible with CP/M 2.2. Master site is offline.
www.dcast.vbox.co.uk An outline of CP/M's history and of the inner workings of the system. Master site is offline.
home.att.net/~cbfalconer Lost friend C.B. "Chuck" Falconer (Charles Brainard Falconer) web pages.

FTP Archives

ftp.demon.co.uk Large archive of CP/M software.
ftp.funet.fi Finnish University and Research Network CP/M archive. Large and very complete.
ftp.mayn.de Another large CP/M archive.
oak.oakland.edu An historical archive. Now disappeared.
gaby.de Direct access to Gaby Chaudry's precious FTP archive.
ftp.apple.asimov.net Large and complete archive of Apple II software by Patrick Michael Kane. CP/M portion mirrored here.