CP/M Newsgroups Archive

This is the archive for CP/M newsgroups. Threads has been downloaded initially from Google which seems to have the oldest material out of the there and than cleaned up from external HTML code and reorganized in a new index. A lot of work remain to do, like: arrange threads in a better way (by topics and by date) and clean them totally from extraneous (Google's) code.
Consider this as version "0.1"...
But they are here and this is the real matter, because there is no guarantee that even a large company like Google could change his mind in future, deciding to drop this material, so multiple copies are the unique assurance against documents loss.

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Available newsgroups:

Please note however, that this is just an archive and not a live service of newsgroup access. Updates here will occur monthly and after the completion of the initial snapshot.
Newsgroups archives are availables also as a compressed archives:
fa.info-cpm .zip
net.micro.cpm .zip
comp.os.cpm .zip

As stated above, initial snapshot of the articles has been taken from Google using some scripting magic (see here). Download process is done at a very slow rate to avoid Google from treating the operation as some sort of spyware/malware and so banning your access to the archives.
For this reason some archive could be inaccessible or still not available here. Retry later in case, work on this project is going on...