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Here you'll find downloadable stuffs collected or simply organized by me...
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Icon-console-20 Software archive by Don Maslin

Al Kossow owner of the Computer History Museum had success in recovering Don Maslin's disk archive tape backup from 1995 to 1997.
You can browse through the files, or download it in single compressed archive:


Icon-console-20 Documents and software collected by Rlee Peters

Recently i bought an excellent P112 SBC from Dave Griffith (here). Board's documentation, on CD, contains also a complete image of what remain of Rlee Peter's archives...
You may choose to browse through the files, or download it in single compressed archive:


Icon-console-20 Files posted on USENET by Emmanuel Roche

As of 20 December 2006, well known Herb Johnson have posted an "official" request on comp.os.cpm for CP/M archiving sites to store and publish documents posted on USENET by Emmanuel Roche...
If you don't know of what i'm talking about, things are explained at this page togheter with Roche's files.


 Icon-console-20 MTBASIC multitasking compiler

How to revive a lost piece of software. This is the power of the internet!


 Icon-console-20 TurboDOS

 The TurboDOS Operating System for multiprocessor networks of Z-80-based computers