Files posted on USENET by Emmanuel Roche

As of 20 December 2006, well known Herb Johnson have posted an "official" request on comp.os.cpm for CP/M archiving sites to store and publish documents posted on USENET by E. Roche. Herb already solicited for this to happen and has also collected Roche's files in a single place to easy submission on web sites.
Quoting his request on comp.os.cpm:

"Roche (aka French Luser) has posted many documents and CP/M software over the years, as emails to this newsgroup comp.os.cpm. Whatever one thinks of this practice, there is nonetheless a good amount of this material of his in comp.os.cpm archives. But it's relatively inaccessable, and many think it should be put in various Web archives of such stuff."

I'm more than happy to pick that material and made it available here, hoping to add soon more documents from Emmanuel Roche.

Please note that the following content has been copied from Herb's page so any credit for the work of grouping, sorting and commenting documents goes to him, i have just modified comments to reflect local archiving.

Herb's original archives are now unsupported on his site and will be probably removed. Please refer to this page as the main distribution point for Roche's documents.

Files posted to comp.os.cpm.amethyst by Roche

I believe this is complete. There are few files and very few posts in this newsgroup, so I've just listed date of post. As of Sept 12 2006, this newsgroup has been removed from the Usenet "active" list for new posts. Any archives of old posts will persist until the archive's owner removes them.- Herb

Posted 08 Apr 2005. Dr. Logo Reference Manual, appendixes.

Posted 18 Apr 2005. Dr. Logo Reference manual, sections 1-5.

Posted 1 Apr 2005. Dr. Logo Reference manual, section 6.

IBM_ sys32_ drive
Posted 07 May 2005. Chapter 8 of the "IBM System/32 Functions Reference Manual", IBM Document GA21-9176-1 Second Edition: May 1975. This document was a standard reference for 8-inch single sided single density formats.

"The IBM Diskette General Information Manual" IBM Document GA21-9182-4 Fifth Edition: August 1979. Another IBM diskette manual used for general reference Posted 26 May 2006.

Second Edition: August 1982, edits by Roche. Posted 18 Apr 2005.

Lawrence Livermore Labs Floating Point & BASIC

Not posted completely by Roche, this is the PDF of a document as follows:

UCRL-51940, "Floating-Point Package for Intel 8008 and 8080 Microprocessors"
by Michael D. Maples
Lawrence Livermore Laboratory,
University of California/Livermore, California 94550,
October 24, 1975

Roche posted the text but not the code of the document. Later, he provided to Herb his version of the source code, with square root and more commentary. Herb Johnson has made some correction to Roche's posted code. Quoted: "His text is at this link; his code LLLFPODT.ASM is at this link. My corrections to the floating point code based on the LLL document above are at this link. For some reason, the SQUARE ROOT subroutine was not included with the CPMUG submissions! It's in my "corrections" document. An earlier version of the code was also offered on CPMUG disks #2 and disk #10; as part of LLL "floating point BASIC". Images of those disks can be obtained from the retroarchive Web site as CPMUG010.ARK and CPMUG002.ARK. They should also be on the Walnut Creek CP/M CD-ROM, copies of which are on many Web archive sites. I've extracted out the floating point source code as LLLFP10.ASM and LLLFP02.ASM. Also the docs from the disk are at LLLBASIC10.TXT."

Note that retroarchive web site is also mirrored locally.

Falconer Floating Point 8080 code

This code was requested recently in Sept 2006 on comp.os.cpm. It was originally published in Dr. Dobb's Journal in 1979, and other places later. Apparently the author, Chuck/Charles Falconer, has lost his hard-drive archives of various versions of this code. If other people have a "digital" version they might contact him, or Herb (see below) or me. Roche posted one version of this in March 2001; Chuck Falconer says it's a "much improved version" of the DDJ code. In Oct 2006, Roche sent to Herb his copies of what he posted; they include the tab stops not in the comp.os.cpm. Here are the ORIGINAL files Roche posted; some responses by Mr. Falconer; and another posted comment on the DDJ docs by Mr. Falconer.

part 1 of 5 of the code INTARITH.ASM;
part 2 of 5 of the code FLTARITH.ASM;
part 3 of 5 of the code FLTINPUT.ASM;
part 4 of 5 of the code FLTOUT.ASM;
part 5 of 5 of the code FUNCTION.ASM;
the text of the DDJ article;
the text of the DDJ article in WordStar format;
improved multiply, posted by Falconer;
docs from DDJ article, posted by Falconer;
comments on docs, posted by Falconer.

Other documents

"DR Logo Reference Manual"

"CP/M-86 Compatibility Guide For CP/M-80 Users" 1980 Digital Research IN30 Posted in comp.os.cpm in 2003.

Posted Aug 2006, subject "ENT-to-COM File Converter". for SOL computer, ENT file format to COM converter in BASIC, with commentary, by Roche

Posted Aug 30 2006, subject "To add or to remove line numbers...". As described. In BASIC, with commentary, by Rocheas of Dec 2006

as of December 2006

The following was provided by Tomas Karlsson in Dec 2006. Thanks!

AFTER8A.TXT - Looking after 8 segments, again...
AFTER8B.TXT - Looking after 8 segments: a demo, at last!
AFTER8C.TXT - The more you play with AFTER8 ComManD files
ASM86.TXT - How to disassemble ASM86.COM Ver 1.0
BYTESTAT.TXT - A solution in search of a problem...
CCGFCU.WS4 - CP/M-86 Compatibility Guide For CP/M-80 Users by Digital Research
COMALANG.TXT - COMAL - The programming language by David Stidolph
COMALERR.ASM - File ERROR.TXT of COMAL 2.1 interpreter
WHATSCML.TXT - What is COMAL? by COMAL Users Group USA Ltd
DRGDOC.TXT - DR Graph with GSX-86 by Digital Research
DUMPASC.TXT - Displaying the ASCII contents of files (hex files 8080 & 8086)
FILTER.TXT - WordStar 4.0 to HTML converter program (in BASIC)
GSX13ART.TXT - Digital Research's GSX: Graphics Portability by William G. Wong in "MicroSystems", July 1984,
HEADER.TXT - Everything you wanted to know about the CP/M-86 Header Record
MINUET.TXT - Minuet (Minnesota INternet User's Essential Tool) --- Minuet is an integrated package of TCP/IP network tools for the IBM PC and compatibles.
PCWPATB.TXT - PCC's Palo Alto Tiny BASIC Version Three
QXFONT.TXT - Better font for CP/M-86 Plus, hex dump
SAL80.TXT - Review of our SAL/80 package -- Letters to the Editor in "Microsystems", May 1984 by Steve Newberry
SCB.BAS - SCB field 3Ah in CP/M Plus
VALDOCS.TXT - PX-8 Valdocs reference by Bill Stoebig
VCOMP.TXT - Visual Compare, program description
Z80LIB.TXT - To count one's Z-80.LIB files (before they are assembled)
Z80OPS.TXT- Z80 to 8080 translation recommendations

As of March 2007

ACCESS10.TXT posted March 27 2007. A note on DR Access from Digital Research News vol 1 no 1 1984.
DNADV.TXT posted March 27 2007. "DR-Net -- Getting nets to work" "Digital Research European Review", No.7, April 1984, p.3

Unposted documents provided directly by Roche

unposted, "the smallest CP/M Plus utility known to have been produced by DRI."

unposted, "the program used, under CP/M 2.2, to "append" a loader at the front of any CP/M 8-bit COMmand file, loading the GDOS and the first GSX driver mentioned in the ASSIGN.SYS file into the TPA (and taking, unfortunately, about 25% of the TPA of an 8-bit system!!! But it works...)."

unposted, "my old uncommented disassembly of the GDOS of GSX-80"

unposted, "everything needed to produce graphics on an 8-bit system having a NEC uPD 7220 GDC. Probably written by DRI."


Again: all credits for this work goes to Herb Johnson, i have simply "stolen" his comments on Roche's documents. To add more to this page or for any explanation you can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Herb Johnson's address is available at this Web page.