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Latest FreeGEM Drivers (GEM/5 compatible)

Latest version: 5.00.3, 3 March 2013

The drivers on this page are intended for use with GEM/5 or GST Publisher. While they can be used under systems based on GEM/3 (FreeGEM and ViewMAX) or earlier versions of GEM, this is inadvisable as (with no font scaler present) the stripped-down font support may cause programs to fail or crash.

The drivers have all the extra FreeGEM features including high-resolution timer support and loadable codepages.

Supported hardware Download
VESA (1024x768x16 and 800x600x16), VGA, MCGA, EGA colour Pack 1 (211k) contains all eight drivers.
All drivers Source code (231k) for all the drivers listed above. The source code for the codepage (GEM.CPI) can be found as GSANSCPI_S.ZIP on my DOS codepage page.

John Elliott 2008-01-20