Name Size Description 183686 NETShield v1.60 antivirus NLM for NetWare 3.x 182489 NETShield v1.60 antivirus NLM for NetWare 4.x 1281139 Anyware Antivirus scanner for MS-DOS, R.Fernandez 36080 AIDSOUT - AIDS trojan remover 1457 Virus signatures (93 rel 01) 35879 Autoscan v3.0 all archived files (req's SCAN) 76543 A Virus Search Program by H+BEDV Datentechnik GmbH 4120 Check for Trojan Horses 20653 ASCII version of the F-PROT Professional
Update Bulletin 2.11 - information on the
global virus situation. 25128 ASCII version of the F-PROT Professional
Update Bulletin 2.12 - information on the
global virus situation. 24406 ASCII version of the F-PROT Professional
Update Bulletin 2.13 - information on the
global virus situation. 21721 ASCII version of the F-PROT Professional
Update Bulletin 2.14 - information on the
global virus situation. 20134 ASCII version of the F-PROT Professional
Update Bulletin 2.15 - information on the
global virus situation. 19672 F-PROT Professional Update Bulletin 2.16
- Information on the global computer
virus situation. ASCII version. 27774 Catchmte v1.0 catch mutation engine viruses 47228 Anti-virus program (mks-demo) v0.41 48948 CheckOut virus protection v1.1 (look into the archived files) 275483 McAfee CLEAN-UP virus remover for PC's/LAN's 76460 The Dirty Dozen List Issue 9 Rev C (17 Dec 89) 29483 Packet of anti-virus tools from Padgett Peterson 61138 FILESAFE 1.05 - FileSafe is a virus
detection system that protects your computer
from virus attack by alerting you to
unexpected changes in your executable files
or boot record. Unlike CRC-based utilities,
FileSafe uses a sophisticated message digest
algorithm that cannot be inverted and can
detect any changes no matter how well
covered. For all IBM PCs and compatibles.
From JAYAR Systems. (416)751-5678 $29.00 7003 Fmutant v1.0 find mutant virus 1 19963 Findworms v1.1; finds filename conflicts (pot. worms) 2799193 Virus Protection system by Fridrik Skulason, MS-DOS vers. 51592 Flu_Shot+ virus facility v1.83 by Ross Greenberg 32139 Generator of goat files for antivirus research, I.Muttik 87424 The Global Shield; detect unknown/possible infections (beta) 52465 Full archiver version (whatever it is) of the Hack Report. 49548 The Hack Report for February, 1994
A monthly list of potentially dangerous files
including hacks, hoaxes, Trojan Horses, and
pirated commercial files found posted for
download on BBS systems worldwide.
SysOps and Users alike may benefit from this
report by using it to avoid potentially
dangerous files. Compiled by Bill Lambdin
Internet Address: HREPORT@AOL.COM
VFREAK@AOL.COM 720645 HMVS 3.10 [20-dec-98]
Advanced tool for detection of known
and unkown macro viruses

Heuristic and neural macro virus
scanner/cleaner for MS Word 6/7/8,
MS Excel 5/6/7/8 and MS Access 8.0.

Ultimate macro virus dissector

(c) J. Valky, L. Vrtik, R. Marko

Portions (c) Maros Grund, Tomas Pail
컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴 17370 Boot sector virus detection and repair by H.Stroem 95865 Scanner by H. Thijssen; requires VSIGxxyyy.ZIP to work 444955 Integrity Master v4.21 anti-virus and
data integrity system. Complete, easy to use,
data integrity plus virus removal. It
protects against much more than just viruses.
Hardware glitches, software bugs, CMOS
changes, even deliberate sabotage are
detected. If a virus strikes, Integrity
Master identifies it by name and (unlike
other programs) also identifies any damage
caused by the virus. (Optimized for DOS inst) 15811 Killmonk v3.0 find + remove monkey and Int_10 viruses 186565 Languages file for McAfee programs 12377 Boot Virus Remover (But First: run SCANV !) 75186 Foreign language support files for McAfee 9.12 33096 NetFix v1.0 (does what NETSCAN + CLEAN-UP together) 546375 SBABR 3.12
System Boot Areas Antivirus & Crash Recovery

Antivirus and crash protection for DOS and
Windows 3.1/95/98 machines. System areas
manager Floppy and HD Boot Sector, MBR,
CMOS Track Zero back up and restore.
Boot Sector and MBR Virus Remover.
Track Zero check, MBR search and clean up,
Memory check, CMOS, MBR and Boot Sector Check,
Boot Loader viewer/editor and more. 747556 McAfee VirusScan for DOS by Network Associates, Inc.
Scans and cleans PC's/LAN's for known and
unknown viruses. Requires DOS 5.0+.
Version 3.1.7 (3102) 03-20-98 456028 ThunderByte Anti-Virus - The most complete
anti-virus system available. Included are
TbScan, TbScanX, TbSetup, TbClean, TbDisk,
TbFile, TbMem, TbCheck, and TbUtil. 9655 Trojan Trapper Version 1.32,
the Ultimate trojan & Virus
protection for your computer! 11986 Virus detection pgm 243206 Virus detection system v2.10 65368 Virus Interceptor, advanced virus detecting utility 76091 McAfee VIR.DAT V117 for McAfee NetShield NLM v1.6 113531 Virlab v1.5 virus spreading simulation 38867 Virus list generator using McAfee's virlist.txt (w C) 342479 Datawatch Virex anti-virus scanner and disinfector, nagware 15459 Virus kill v1.3 454594 VShield by McAfee, Inc. Memory-resident
(TSR) virus protection and prevention.
Auto-loads above 1Mb. Req: DOS 3+, 67Kb.
Version 2.50 (9606) 06-11-96 1072772 Virus Information Hypertext Summary List, P.Hoffman
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.