Name Size Description 72092 Put a fortune in your prompt 24452 +------------------------------------------+
| ADJCLOCK - Adjusts inaccurate PC-clocks. |
| By: Sverre H. Huseby, Norway. (SHH) |
+------------------------------------------+ 66274 Aerobics fitness log 24721 浜様[ANSIDOC v0.2.95]様様様様様様様様様
Quickly and Easily Insert ANSI files
into your old, dry document files to
add a slice of lymon.
藩様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様夕 48026 AnsiViewer with VGA-ANSI and Buffer, O.Efraim 6228 Big digital-type clock 36069 Bday v1.0; birthdays + anniversaries 87831 A zip of 9 misc. DOS util programs. 16960 Translates your text to BIG text, 4x4 - 72x144, w/C 59402 Display the biomorphs (CGA/EGA) 66169 Beer Recipe Formulator v1.0 56905 ************ CDNTIMER 1.1 *************
CDNTIMER is an all-purpose resettable
countdown timer specially optimized for
timing turns in board games, but also
suitable as a cooking or event timer.
Large easily visible digital display,
and time settable from 1 minute - many
hours. W/source. $0.75 registration. 178220 Compu-Chef v1.5; meal manager, recipe organizer (good) 140761 U.S. culture oriented college planner, Stafford H. Krause 26019 Daily v1.1 run programs every day (by Mikko Palomaki) 8451 Runs an external program once a day, or week 90080 dseINSTALL(tm) v1.0 - Installation software
with built-in file decompression. Fully
configure in 2 minutes. Special attention has
been paid to provide a very attractive
interface to your users. Full source and
destination path verification. Customize
prompts. INSTALL.EXE is only 12K. We (DSE
Software Publishing) use this for our
commercial products. Only $19.95. 136859 Revision control system (rcs) exes 24848 Revision control system manual pages 5441 NGDUMP; A decompiler for Norton Guides database files 2007 Execute machine language from a batch file, C. van Willegen 53903 Filing and cataloging pgm 54659 EZ-Loan v2.0 the loan payment calculator 107792 Calculates charts/graphs of bicycle gear ratios 151049 Glitch v4.13; global literature search biblio 3656 HLP is a FILE UTILITY
PROGRAM which allows
programs to work that
won't work properly in
the presence of the
APPEND command in DOS.
A unique program for a
unique problem. HLP is
FREEWARE by George Shadoff 31866 Elapsed times 55695 Command line utility to read/edit Windows-style Profiles 61102 EDI install v1.3 installation program for MS-DOS 179740 Personal home inventory system v1.0 312018 Colorado Jumbo tape system software for CMS 120MB and 250MB 7152 Quick-info files reader, L. Cassioli 69586 LinkMate Event timer (scheduler) 6575 Logs time and date of incoming phone calls 37865 LWED 2.2.7 - Laszlo's Windows INI file
editor. Manipulates Windows 3.x style
INI files from the DOS command line.
Shareware, fully functional, no nags,
30 days try out period, registration
fee is 5 USD. 61603 Prepare orig. master diskettes for duplication 279891 Master Chef rel 1 (recipe,diet,meal+shopping) mgmt 307758 Master Chef Release One - Disk 2 of 2 96195 MealMaster v6.15 - manage your recipes 50249 Execute a command EXCEPT on specified files, J.Youngman 26456 Vic's 1990 NFL schedule viewer v2.2 5621 Decompiler for Norton Guides database files (TP) 28646 Norton Guide Sourcer v1.1
Resourcer for .NG database file
which preserve Binary Equality
with the original Guides' file.
*WHAT'S NEW in v1.1: EH support 34160 CP/M like sweep shell, D.Rand 146944 Public Address v2.1 Address data base 73089 Paramgen v1.1; editor for iterated function systems 152623 PC-FORTUNE 3.01 - PC-Fortune is a
"fortune cookie" program that displays a
fortune at random from its data base of over
2,500 fortunes, quotes, sayings, jokes, etc.
One liners to screenfulls. A different item
is selected each time until they have all
been displayed. Registered users get a
10,500+ entry database. For all IBM PCs and
compatibles. $24.95 From JAYAR Systems,
(416)751-5678. 197639 Perfect BoxLoudspeaker Enclosure Simulation 414337 PARSE-O-MATIC - Convert your files from one
format to another. Extract information. Edit
automatically. Our customers include: Boeing,
CompUSA, Eaton, Eddy Corp., Georgia Gulf,
Harris, Hughes, McCain Foods, McDonald's,
Nestle, Nike, Philip Morris, Pitney Bowes,
Prentice Hall, Procter & Gamble, Royal Bank,
Royal Caribbean, Visa. This version adds five
new commands. This evaluation copy has ALL
functions enabled. For DOS, Windows or OS/2. 309307 Is your phonebook accurate? 25 new area codes
have appeared in the past 2 years. SmartPhone
cross-references area, zip and country codes,
time zones, and geographic info. 21,000 towns
listed. Why waste $$$ dialing a wrong number?
Look up a town, state, province or mail code.
Do "sounds-like" searches if you are not sure
of the spelling. Easy-to-learn database built
in. Evaluation copy has all features enabled.
Runs under DOS, Windows, OS/2, Novell, etc. 117379 QUIK-INSTALL is an easy to setup and use
application installation program. Supports
multiple disks installations, copies files
or unpaks EXE archives, checks available
disk space, configurable colors, prompt &
message, less than 7k in size, completely
menu driven, no scripts or programming,
stores setup internally, (No .CFG or script
files.) full mouse support, context
sensitive help and much more! 51451 Quantum Leap; Fortune program 9214 Random Quoter v1.21 66545 Quote v2.4 randomly selects a quote from a database (w C) 155359 U.S. culture oriented retirement calculator, S.Krause 213003 嫩様様様幼陳陳塚様様様銚
Ripper V5.00 (c)`95/96 by JNas
The One And Only Powerful Ripper
nearly 100 formats supported
graphical RAW-ripper/viewer
ASCII ripper/viewer
15 file libraries supported
Fileshell / Setup / Config-File
Wav-Extraction of MOV/AVI/WAD
Unlimited User Strings Searchable
+ my own DSMI AMF->S3M Convertor
.... and tons more ....

plz read the ripper5.doc !!!!!!!!!!

JNas (

Latest Version Is Always Available At :
FTP://FTP.CDROM.COM/PUB/DEMOS/INCOMING/MUSIC/PROGRAMS 71868 Softball/baseball coach v3.0 statistics of a team 9955 Scmode v1.0 command line utility for Roland MIDI interf. 10414 Change default dir stored in Ventura Publishers VP.INF file 70129 Simps Fortune program 465 quotes from The Simpsons 9068 Sleep for specified period. Can set for keyboard to interrupt 286324 The Family Tree SUKUTARU, M.Pekkarinen 21437 Cover Maker v1.01 Audio cassette cover utility 57708 TapeMaker v1.5; choose songs to record on a tape 805 Reset Timer Tick to 18.2 Interrupts pre second v1.0 (w ASM) 13210 Timer - Program execution timer, A.Bhalla 100812 The Phone Center Version 1.4! It's the first
dialer that is fun to use. Includes: an Area
Code Search, a Time Zone Search, a DOS Shell,
Telephone Directory Printer, a Database Entry
Finder, Quick Memo, Log Viewer, Multifunction
Calculator, Manual Dialer, Sliding Windows, a
Context-Sensitive Help utility, and On-Screen
Instructions. It even has a Hangman Game! A
problem that created the MODEM NOT RESPONDING
error on some systems is fixed. Any video OK 18387 TUTSIM demo - analog computer simulator 31953 Fortune-like quote displayer with lots options, J.Cairns 111293 桎烝烝烝烝烝烝烝烝烝烝烝烝烝烝烝烝烝烝炳
VCC - Visual Control Center v2.5
DOS shell utility Better than NC!
枋陳陳陳陳陳陳 NEW IN v2.5 陳陳陳陳陳陳
500% Faster DIR reads File Filter
File Sorting Global File Find ZIP,
ARJ,LZH,LHA,AIN,RAR support! Simple
Setup Needs ZERO memory to run prgms
Handles special case files Much more
If you use DOS or Windows 3.1, this is
a must have utility. GUI design with
full mouse and keyboard support. Runs
all your software, manages all your
files and archives, and navigates your
drives fast. Works great with music
players, compilers, editors, etc...
Shareware, need atleast 386/DOS 5
桀樛樛樛樛樛樛樛樛樛樛樛樛樛樛樛樛樛樛樂 24727 嬪様様様様様様様様様様様様邑
VR-Quote v4.0!
A random quote utility
with user-definable data
file for quotes, colored
headers/footers, many
command line options.
塒様様様様様様様様様様様様余 62877 The WordPerfect Braille and Speech Interface
Keyboard - Version 1.30A
This software package is designed for
visually impaired users of computers.
Either speech or braille access technology
should be used with this software.
This software is intended to assist users
with the use of configuring WordPerfect 6.0
with different access technology products.
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.