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 The Second Album 

The Beautiful Programs in The World

Not Only Programming Techniques, Also Art Designing

Copyright (C) 1995,1996 by Jou-Nan Chen, Taiwan, Republic Of China
Internet E-Mail Address:


 Some programs need the VESA driver --- run UNIVESA.EXE !
 Don't use any of my programs or data for COMMERCIAL purposes !
 Don't modify my programs or data !
 If you like my programs or data or you have any suggestion about my
programs, please let me know it via E-Mail !
 If you want to use any of my programs or data (for personal or public
purposes), please give me a E-Mail and please give me a copy of your
program !
And you must write (assign) the COPYRIGHT of my programs or data in
your programs or .DOC/.TXT !
 The libraries (sources of *.TPU) are not released now !
 All programs are written in Turbo Pascal 7.0 !


 *. Text
CHEN. This Text
LIB. All Function Names of Libraries
MAIL. Mail to Jou-Nan Chen from Other People
KEY. Keyboard Scan Codes Table
 *.BGI Borland Graph Interface
 *.CHR Borland Graph Font
 *.DAT Data (Picture)
 *.EXE Executable
 *.FNT Font
 *.PAL Palette
 *.PAS Turbo Pascal Program
 *.PIC Picture
 *.SCR Screen (Picture)
 *.TPU Turbo Pascal Unit (V7.0)


 SVGA256.BGI Coptright (C) 1990-93 by Jordan Hargraphix
 EGAVGA.BGI Copyright (C) 1987,1992 by Borland International
 *.CHR Copyright (C) 1987,1988 by Borland International
 UNIVESA.EXE Copytight (C) 1993 by Kendall Bennett 162581 Wolfenstein-3D type graphics for TP 7.0, K.Fredriksson 5630 Adler32 - Checksum unit for Pascal
Version 1.0

Adler32 is a checksum algorithm simular
to CRC32, but is faster than CRC32. This
pascal unit has been verified with the
Java class file included with JDK v1.1
Full Pascal Source Code included.

Allen Cheng
WWW: 694598 Turbo Pascal 6+ sprite toolkit for VGA, K.Rohrbacher 5841 Turbo Pascal copy-protecting unit 55,60,70, O.Subachev 7249 BitWise is a Turbo Pascal 7.0 unit that
allows you to compress boolean data by
a factor of 8 using bitwise manipul-
ation. Shareware by Shawn Bayern. 5856 Borland address and Turbo Pascal 7.0 information 291453 Fast replacement library for TP/BP 7.0, N.Juffa 459244 Borland-Pascal 7.01 RT-Libary Update Rel2.0, R.Prins 10366 Trap runtime errors in TP/BP programs, w/src, F.Heckenbach 1110036 Vector and matrix library for TP7, OptiCode 22518 TP7.0 unit for file handling, compression etc., S.Ayguney 3869 CadThief TP6+ unit for trapping ctrl+alt+del, M.Hanninen 6907 Disable Ctrl-Alt-Del via new TP kb interrupt, J.Robertson 175375 Complex number math library fro TP, OptiCode 15174 TP 7.0 source to play PC CD-ROM 22842 ͻ
Windows Clipboard for DOS:
Use Windows-compatible clipboard functions in
your DOS/DPMI programs. Access to Windows'
clipboard is provided when running in a DOS
box. Otherwise, the functions are emulated.
This lets your DOS programs take part in
Windows' DDE, while still being able to run
without Windows.
ͼ 20739 Borland Pascal Crt unit RTE 200 fix, freeware, E.Toder 288468 CyGraph VESA + CyVision, ASM + Turbo Pascal, Pranadharma 534807 Dos utilities for TP6+ (ide-ata,hd-mboot,os-boot, etc.) 36839 TPU to calculate derivatives of standard functions, W.Klingens 593611 EGOF TP7 graphics library. VGA,ModeX,Vesa,Mouse, L.Ragarsson 27827 Open or close a CD-ROM tray, w TP6+, F-P.Schultze 9297 Easy to use mouse lib for TP7, J.Weinstein 15144 Turbo Pascal .TPU to read/write to .INI files, J.Weinstein 15564 FRTE Forced Runtime Error System for TP6+, McQuay Tech. 8657 Fulcrum Software's Mouse Unit
version 1. Object oriented
Mouse unit for TP7. Shareware,
only $8!!! 66876 320x200x256 graphics library for Turbo Pascal 7.0, M.Rosen 521656 GRAFICA WARP 2.0 SHAREWARE
A powerfull graphic interface unit
in Turbo Pascal 7.0. Features:

- many window types
- many button types
- you can move and close the windows
- file browser and file viewer included
- new and cool interface
- automatic handleevent
- fast and easy programming
- a demo source code included
- and more, more features 7959 -* Keyboard-Handler-1.6 *-
- for Turbo Pascal -
- Check multiple keys, -
- left shift, right shift -
- TPU, TPP, easy to use -
- Real & Protected Mode - 24407 Keyboard Macro Unit with recording+playback, TP6+, D.Webb 65973 Untersttzung von langen Dateinamen
unter Win9x fr TP6, TP/BP7 und
kompatible Compiler. Nach dem Ein-
binden dieser Unit haben alle
Standard-Pascal-Funktionen die
Fhigkeit mit langen Dateinamen zu
arbeiten. KEIN Umschreiben vorhande-
ner Programme ntig! Die Funktionen
erkennen automatisch ob sie unter-
sttzt werden und deaktivieren sich
ggf. selbstttig. Umwandlung von Long
Filename's in kurze auch unter DOS
verfgbar. ber 4200 Zeilen voll
dokumentierter Source+Doku+Unit fr
erweiterte Fehlermeldungen. Fr
Real-/Dpmi- und Windowsplattform
geeignet. Untersttzt auch Unit Dos
und/oder Unit WinDos. Version 1.10 9959 Mandelbrot drawing program + Complex unit, D.Silverstone. 8056 MASM 5.0/386 sources for MD5 Message Digest
with Turbo Pascal Unit to use MD5 routines. 12287 ManuSoft Error Device tpu w/src for TP6+, M.Kemppainen 8602 Mouse handling routines for Turbo Pascal 7.0, J.Connell 191334 Mouselib mouse support unit for TP7, misses .bgi, R.Loewy 75307 TP/BP7.0+TPW trigonometry unit with 1/10 degrees, D.O'Connor 84833 Norton Guide Clone with TP 7.0 sources, Y.Nelemans 515672 Netware Interface Units for Pascal.
(Novell Netware 3.x and TP/BP 6.x/7.x)
Freeware. Full sources, over 300 kb. of
documentation and lots of examples. The
most complete API available for PASCAL.
KEYWORDS: LAN, Network, Novell, API,
Library, Bindery, IPX, SPX, Queue,
Tool, Reference, Workstation, Client,
Real Mode, Protected Mode, Windows. 4432 More pipe for Turbo Pascal 6+ programs, R.Rothenburg 33073 Optimized TP6/BP7 Overlay unit, Robert AH Prins 7038 Use upper memory as overlay buffer in TP7.0, w/s, J.Lasgouttes 33999 The Turbo Pascal 6+ Compressing Data Objitizer, W.Leijen 539671 PAvatar, Add AVT/1, ANSI, VT102 to your TP5.5+ programs 104841 PERSONAL SERIAL COMMUNICATIONS LIBRARY PASCAL
(PCL4P62.ZIP), Jan 28, 1999, Ver 6.2, [ASP].
Real & protected mode DOS. Supports thru
COM20 to 115200, 4+ ports concurrently, many
dumb multiport boards, 16550, 16650, 16750
UARTs, interrupt driven, RTS/CTS flow
control, any UART address and IRQ. Supports
Borland Pascal with Objects, and Turbo
Pascal, version 6.0 & up. RS232/422/485.
By MarshallSoft Computing. $85 + S&H. 13095 The Pascal FastMem Unit v3.2: a collection of
routines which can identify the CPU and auto-
magically run 30-60% faster code for a 32-bit
machine without the programmer worrying about
"writing for the lowest common denominator". 205527 Borland Pascal 7.0 Post Mortem Debugger,
real/pmode/windows (v1.21). 22970 Magazine units + demo pgms to write TSRs in Turbo Pascal 6+ 3990 TP7: Restores user's screen when app terminates, M.Gallias 45114 VT100 Terminal Emulator tweak in Turbo Pascal 6+, w/src 6743 Random number generator for various distributions, W.Gross 124020 Collection of TP6+ Units and Demo programs, R.Aldridge 10166 SuperDealy v1.1a (c) 1997 Allen Cheng. All Rights Reserved.

SuperDelay is a pascal unit of Extremely accurate Delay Routines.
It reprograms the timer chip to take microsecond resolution, and it
is 200-300 times more accurate than the Crt.Delay routine. It'll be
more accurate if running on a faster computer. Best of all, it's CPU
independant and WILL NOT crash if running on a Pentium Pro or faster
computers. SuperDelay is for Turbo Pascal 7.0 Only.

P.S. It's around 600-1100 times more accurate than Crt.Delay if running
on a Multi-tasking environment like Windows 95.

Newest version always available at: 116385 Sally TPU Peephole Optimizer for TP 7.0, M.Welinder 43078 Sprites engine + demo for Turbo Pascal 6+, M.Kjeldahl 46164 Make a swappable TSR in Turbo Pascal 7.0, Y.Nelemans 52345 SoftWeyr addition for DOS unit for Turbo Pascal 6.0/7.0 46079 SoftWeyr LAN library: Turbo Pascal 6+ networking tools 34696 Grab, edit and store font files for TP6+, G.Smith 3103 Replacement for TextMode in TP6+/BP CRT unit, Pedt Scragg 3511 Loader source to avoid TP 7.0 Crt RTE200, Osmo Ronkanen 11400 TPConfig: A TPU (Turbo Pascal
compiled Unit) for TP 6.0 or
7.0 that allows you to write
programs that can save a
default configuration inside
the EXE file. It can also be
used to work with external
configuration files that
require different kinds of
records to be stored in them
(eg., a file that keeps phone
lists of one record type and
phone call logs of a second
record type). FREEWARE. 3084 Desqview interface unit for Turbo Pascal 6.0/7.0, R.Loewy 7695 Checks for Turbo Pascal 4+ executables, Duncan Murdoch 65693 Fast ASM routines for Turbo Pascal, S.Lutrov 148472 Two graphics spheres demos and graphics library, E.Glynn 60919 Turbo Pascal 7.0 Help File Compiler, B.Naujok 23915 Huffman Compression Engine v0.31 IBM Version
By: Joe Jared,1:103/301@Fidonet.Org and others
Internet FTP://
Atari ST/TT/JAGUAR & SNES available (For licenced developers only)
UPDATES: DPMI mode now supported Borland help files included with this release.
Windows support added. 105613 A TP7 Library of Mouse Routines, w/s, PD, Michael Day 9691 A patch of the TP files for the 200MHz delay bug, A.Bauer 8017 Extract SYSTEM.TPS from TP6+/TPW1 run-time library, D.Murdoch 27995 Code to decompress zipped files, S.Goehler, G.Brown 142199
Triumph Software's TriDoor v3.08

Create on-line doors quickly and easily
in Borland Turbo Pascal 5.5, 6.0 and
7.0. Full communications support,
easily adapted for use with any BBS
door support file, built-in support for
and CHAIN.TXT. Many nice built-in
features such as statusbar, chat-mode
and complete user time handling
routines. This is the BEST software
of it's kind available on the market
today! 10784 * Xft Prductns True Colors v1.01 *
The ULTIMATE color TPU for anyone who
uses pascal textmode. Throw away the
TextColor/Writeln functions! Fit 79
colors in *ONE* text line! +Source Code 72960 Turbo Power TSRCOM35 memory management TP6/7+asm sources 16135 Convert a text into a Turbo Pascal unit source, J.Arenzon 63535 Ŀ

Synx Trrr nc.

Pascal unit to make
graphical stuff. in
Very cool! spread it!
feat: Menus, fast box,
muchmuchmuch more! 56291 ---------------------------------------
txtTOOL version 1.00
txtTOOL is a Turbo/Borland Pascal 6.0+
library that enables you to use fonts
and palettes in text mode.
You can display two fonts on screen at
the same time, thus giving you access
to 512 characters!
You can get and set palettes and single
colors for the 16 text mode colors!
Run DEMO.EXE for a quick example!
Copyright (c) 1994 Thomas Bargholz

--------------------------------------- 127227 TP 7.0 svga unit with support for mouse/bitmaps, F.Premel+.. 22032 Multithreading / Dynamic Stack Unit for TP7.0, W.Barath 329150 Graphic library for TP6+ and MCGA/SVGA/VESA cards, M.Stehr 24135 Turbo Pascal source to create 640x480 PCX files, B.Sessions 63596 Resident VGA screen grabber w/TP6+ .obj+source, W.Leijen 108315 -* Mode13h-Video-Engine 6.0a *-
- for Turbo Pascal -
- A libary for game developers -
- in Mode 320x200x256. -
- TPU, TPP, 32bit -
- Real & Protected Mode -
- with a lot of example files -
- only for 386 and higher... -
- includes full source code! - 135457 Turbo Pascal TPL For Win95 Long Filenames, T.Kirchner 166846 TP units for windows, menus, help, etc G.Boggio-Togna 61769 Crt unit TP/BP6+ replacement also for Windoze, F.Heckenbach 8659 XMS support library for Turbo Pascal 6+, A.Eigus 19868 xmsLib implements XMS 2.0 API for Turbo Pascal 6+, R.Loewy 40337 Turbo Pascal 6+ Zipfile data Objitizer, W.Leijen
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.