Name Size Description 2223 TSR alarm clock, A.Danileiko 22929 TSR pop-up alarm clock v1.2 13312 Alarm clock, no docs 3280 Resident non-visible clock to chime 26818 PC Performance-Decrease Utility, A.Berzinsh, Latvia 26146 Calculator TSR v1.0 12061 A TSR to paste special characters to applications 10066 CharWatch monitors your keyboard,
printer, screen to replace any wanted
character by another one. This way,
you can replace accentuated characters
by their non-accentuated equivalent
that will print well on your printer,
or disable graphics characters for
drawing boxes to use text signs to
keep the advantage of drawings using
graphic characters. Several tables are
predefined so you can use CharWatch
without having to define your own
translation tables. 28058 TSR displays time/date w/ international support, B.Javurek 6005 TSR clock + alarm by Howard Harwey 8560 Small TSR hot-key clock plus alarm, V.Penquerc'h 1528 Resident clock and key-toggle status rolled together 82650 Poor man's sidekick, oldish 25917 Graphical TSR shell with many features, P.Trindade 4612 Breaks software crashes, terminates programs, S.Ayguney 24701 Jumpin' Math; pop-up desktop scientific calculator (w PAS) 7352 Killer is a resident program that
intercepts all attempts to execute
an illegal instruction. A program
attempting to do so will be stopped
and Killer will display a message.
Needs a 286 processor or higher. 69526 嬪様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様邑
MagicKey 外

Popup HELP window with autotyping 外
for use with DOS Terminal Programs. 外

Shareware ($10) 外

Scrollable list of keyboard macros. 外
Capture text from screen to macro. 外
Point and click macro selection. 外
Unlimited number of macros in file. 外
Unlimited number of selectable files. 外
Use with any program or DOS. 外
User selectable hot keys. 外
Uninstall from DOS or popup. 外
1000+ popular ftp, telnet, www, finger 外
gopher, and email addresses available 外
in MagicKey format in MKDATA.ZIP. 外
旭旭旭旭旭旭旭旭旭旭旭旭旭旭旭旭旭旭旭旭旭 9494 Mute is a tiny TSR utility that
will monitor your PC Speaker to
mute it at a regular speed, so
that no beeps will be triggered
but Mute lets digitized music
and SFX go thru. 8707 Pop-up 'LIST' v1.1 149685 Instant Access TSR to view,edit,read dBASE filesp 6402 Extremely small TSR clock w/ TASM source 4021 TSR program to unload residents + recover system crash 12215 Memory resident rot13 decoder for text screen, D.Paulson 3538 A resident ruler to show screen columns. 68826 Slow down a fast computer.
Version 3.00. Speed is completely
configurable from command line,
or by using Hot-Keys.
Now has several different "methods"
or "modes" to slow the computer with. 11933 SLOW slows your PC down to use
programs that do not support high
clock rates or run too fast on new
machines. Define hotkeys for on the
fly speed selection, system time
based triggering for interrupt
hooking programs, and more. 8367 Smooth Scroller is a tiny TSR program
that replaces BIOS' character wise
scroll with a neat slower pixel wise
scroll. It only requires 512 bytes in
memory. 34763 Softool is a powerful TSR tool that
offers programmers and others:

- an ASCII table
- a memory viewer with disassembler
- a 32-bit calculator
- a register viewer
- a MCB viewer
- an interrupt viewer
- a register viewer
- a scan code viewer

Callable by hotkey, software interrupt
or breakpoint interrupt ! Ideal for
debugging your software.
Easy to use windowed interface and
takes only 14 KB in memory. Context
sensitive help screens are available
while resident but can be discarded
for more memory savings.
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.