Name Size Description 296756 Background X/YModem file transfer using floppy (1/2) 114546 Background X/YModem file transfer using floppy (2/2) 38984 DSZ Manual Addendum, Selected pieces of Pro-YAM manual 92371 X/Y/Zmodem protocol file transfer pgm - 961027 2608 What's new in the 961027 release of DSZ 39448 X/Y/Zmodem file transfer, EXE version - 961027 36782 Background information on DSZ and Zmodem 14476 Some Zmodem advice by Hank Volpe 8987 Some older instructions for using dsz 8368 Modify Procomm Plus for use with 75/1200 split line 113673 X/Y/ZMODEM driver with graphic file xfer display 146789 High Speed Link bi-directional File Transfer Protocol 46238 Kermit protocol v1.01b; reception/download only 27805 JModem file transfer protocol (w C) 181234 KD (Kanji Driver) v1.0 for Ms-Kermit 3525 Interface ms-kermit with gsz using hotkey, G.Ribeiro 15790 MiniBBS v2.12b (req's Telix) 37593 Fine tune your modem/resolve COM-IRQ problems, J.Krahmer 30501 MS-Kermit terminal emulation information 39132 Enhanced host scripts for Telix 5944 Script files for using MS-Kermit v2.32 5872 PCP2TLX v1.0; Procomm Plus scripts to Telix format 68583 PcConnect Z/Y/Xmodem external implementation v4.06.90 73783 Public Domain Zmodem, P.Mandrella 40535 Procomm outside environment v1.0.0 (run programs) 9287 PROPORT editor port pgm for Procomm (asm+bin) 10374 A collection of compiled Telix salt macros 112942 Professional-YAM/ZCOMM Scripts Apr-26-94
Default phone directries and scripts for
unattended file upload/download with GEnie
and CompuServe, and BBS systems, scripts to
download files from GEnie and CIS program
library browsing commands. GEnie scripts use
MobyTurbo(Tm) and window management for
ultimate ZMODEM throughout. Hit a key and
the file downloads with display of estimated
time parsed from the database! 203495 Alternative Zmodem file transfer by Scott Baker (good) 9602 Telix usage analyzer rv1.0 1467 Telix configuration hints for DESQview 73962 TelixFonEd dialing directory full-screen editor v2.21 159242 This file was inadvertently left out of
TELIX351.ZIP. It is the HostPlus BBS system
described in HOSTPLUS.DOC, and is required by
the HINSTALL.EXE program that came with the
archive. This is NOT the registered version
-- the registered disks did not have this
omission. 14861 Dialer for Telix telecommunication program 1594 DoorWay use F-keys over modem in TELIX 5251 Some trivial Telix hints 52705 Tmodem Version 9.00 - High Speed Protocol. 65220 TrackIt! v2.0 - Track Learner for Telix
TrackIt! is an online automation script
that takes advantage of SALT's tracking
commands. It's faster and more reliable
than script learners. Features include:
* Over 1500 definable tracks per board
* Fast dependable operation
* Edit tracks online or offline
* Unlimited online capabilities
* Support BBS 5476 TT - compressed file transfer calculator 56570 ÚÄÄ{ Telix Quick Modem Setup, Ver. 3.51 )ÄÄ¿
³ MODEMCFG.EXE and its data file TELIX.MDM ³
³ used to set up Telix for DOS v3.5x and ³
³ your modem for best performance. This ³
³ release also can be used to update the ³
³ Telix for Windows v1.15's TELIX.MDM file ³
³ since both programs now use the same ³
³ file format. MODEMCFG.EXE is only for ³
³ Telix for DOS; TFW does this internally. ³
driver with full screen status display.
Supports up to 115,200 baud, 16550 FIFO mode,
and can be used with any com port--including
those that use non-standard IRQs. Can send
and receive complete directory structures.
Operates in terminal mode as a stand alone
program, or, from the command line as a
protocol driver for other programs. Non-
commercial users are not required to register. 87395 Transfer v5.7; File transfer shell with many protocols 7111 ISO 8859-1 (ISO LATIN-1) to IBM CP 850 transl. tables 25521 Osiris Xmodem 11278 Generates command files for file transfers programs 39762 Ymodem batch/Ymodem-G v1.0 Osiris Ymodem 27293 Change color to underline using Ms-Kermit v3.0x 1299 Two very simple bats to help DSZ 27675 Additional documentation for DSZ Zmodem (useful) 60897 Osiris ZMAX (replace ZModem with still faster driver) 37573 Osiris (Isis) Zmodem v7.0 73512 Zmodem source for Opus
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.