Name Size Description 224123 ALITE - Powerful Spreadsheet & Graphics!
Latest version of this gem, which includes a
TSR mode using only 7K of conventional RAM!
Packed with hundreds of functions (Math,
Financial, Date, String, Statistical,...); A
powerful macro programming language; a fluid,
no-nonsense interface; WKS & WK1 file
compatibility; and much more... 573171 AS-EASY-AS: The Extraordinary Spreadsheet!
Latest version of the Shareware Industry
Award Winner for "Best Application, 1992"
Packed with dozens of new features! Linear
Programming, Multivariate Regression;
External user Functions; 3D Graphics... And
Standard features like .WKS & WK1 file
compatibility; Hundreds of Math, Financial, &
Stat Functions, dBASE interface; Matrix
operations; and more... 130720 JOC-CALC 1.2 - A powerful spreadsheet very
easy to use. Pull down menu system. Mouse
suport. Hypertext Help system. Screensaver.
13312 cells (512 rows by 26 columns). Block
operations. Autocalc. Formating. Mathematics
and Trigonometric functions included.
Contains samples spreadsheets ready to use. 7542 Linear Programming Examples for AS-EASY-AS spreadsheet 30895 Lotus 1-2-3 help
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.