Name Size Description 219118
2M 3.0 (C) 1993-1995 Ciriaco Garcia de Celis
Full commented TASM/Borland C source code for

3.5 DD (720K): 984K / 1066K / 1176K
3.5 HD (1.44M): 1804K / 1886K / 1972K
3.5 ED (2.88M): 3608K / 3772K / 3944K
5.25 DD (360K): 820K / 902K / 976K
5.25 HD (1.2M): 1476K / 1558K / 1639K

100% safely and 100% reliable formatter.
80486.asm 7252 Check processor type
a2ps.z 6976 Ascii to PS v1.1 (perl) 9373 a2ps v4.0; format ascii file for PS printer 31532 Abe sources for Unix and MS-DOS
arce40c.bas 41418 Basic program to create 8172 Ascii to binary (btoa undoing) (w ASM) 71434 AWK text scanning and processing language C sources
bbfig.z 7849 Calculate bounding boxes in PS 152701 Binary editor and viewer (emacsish) for Unix + MS-DOS
bgi.src 47320 Create Borland BGIs (TP + TC) (Paradise VGA incl.)
booz.shar 47700 Zoo extractor sources 46407 Brik v2.0 source
bsnews.src 11947 Bootstrap news source 61866 The BYTE Unix Benchmarks; rel. 2 351277 Caml Light v0.6 386 version source 192188 Caml Light v0.6 86 version source 16009 Sample source code for Clipper 9333 Interrupt-driven com port routines for Clipper 13505 Compress v4.0 for MS-DOS 70940 Compress v4.30d source 27534 A simple speed test, includes qbasic sources 18721 All sorts of properties of your computer and C compiler (w C)
contour.f 9575 Acord - automatic contouring of raw data (fortran) 14007 CPU identification (asm) 69079 Screen/window mngmt library 98781 Listings from Dr Dobb's Journal 41253 Listings from Dr Dobb's Journal 29446 Listings from Dr Dobb's Journal 87159 DDJ Compression Contest Source
deposit.c 3873 Hexadecimal object code deposits 1704 Distinguish between 8086/80286/80386/80486 (Asm) 42633 Dhrystone benchmark program v2.1 (w C) 642072 Dmake - maintain program groups or files, sources 3987 Disk Usage for DOS 196677 DOS RCS source 118654 Full screen text editor (Doug's) source 7287 Du source 2315 Unixish du for Turbo C
edsource.dif 1228 Diffs dor ed.c to work in DOS 15031 Sources to EDSTUFF 315914 Elvis source; a vi/ex clone source (various platforms) 2217 Fit PS file on an A-size (w C) 20261 Epsonps converts epson printer codes to PS (MS-DOS+UNIX) 4036 Relocate .exec files 3253 E-mail to fax 60508 Fchart; Gnuplot-like interactive chart program
fix.c 4102 Combine file and diff listing
flzh_rn.c 20390 Faster lharc file compression source
flzh_rn.mak 1985 flzh_rn's makefile 1006568 Fractint 19.3 complete C and ASM source for
the DOS-based fractal generator. Requires
Microsoft C/C++ 7.0 or later or Borland C/C++
3.0 or later. Object code of ASM modules
supplied so an assembler is not required.
Copyrighted freeware. 5411 File system exerciser (mostly unix) 583761 GNU awk text scanning and processing language, sources 11581 C source for saving GIF-images (Tested also under Unix)
gifscan.c 12483 Scans through a GIF file and reports parameters 96035 GnuChess 3.1+ source 405292 Gnuplot v3.2 source 1122822 GhostScript v2.5.2 source 511625 HPACK - Multi-System Archiver, sources for Unix etc 13158 Installable Device Drivers in TC
intprint.c 9930 Intprint source (interrupt list printer) 70932 Signs v5.0 (banners + signs) 672091 JPEG image compression and decompression source, T.Lane 28700 Kenji's "fortune" clone 41217 Lharc v1.13 source for .lzh archiving 59396 LHa v2.11 DOS source for .lzh archiving (LSI C-86 v3.20) 26268 C-Lharc v1.0 for XENIX and OS/2 11748 Fiz-like tool for lharc
ljinit.z 31329 Ljinit; HP LaserJet configuration generator (mostly Unix) 19421 Hardware line printer driver v1.1 (C) 21048 Mailsplit sends files and/or directories via e-mail 95900 Mawk 0.97 an implementation of awk 31103 Metalbase rel v3.1 source 99164 MusicBox sources (ASM) 5219 Multi partition boot (asm) (great; I use it with Minix)
mg2a-dos.sha 52112 Adds MS-DOS to suitable devices for MG(2A) 26300 Mmv source (w C)
motd.cob 18166 Message of the day v2.0 (COBOL)
move.c 7849 Move source
move.src 3649 Move sources 21323 MS DOS source support package for Zoo 2.01 507634 Korn Shell (MS Shell). Release 2.3. Source 216099 MiniTrue multiple-file search/replace sources, A.Pipkin 343226 Mail Users SHell v7.1 57049 Pac is a visual calculator for Unix systems 5391 Qbasic program; simple newspaper database 81778 PC-curses v1.4 source 18569 Compress HP-PCL graphics files 1234 PC Mail v2.1 patches #1 200086 PC Mail v2.1 (UNIX/MS-DOS; UUCP/NFS) 28479 PC serial chip (8250) support routines 96582 PC Tools (PC SIG disk no 536) (C + execut.) 3729 Sets the time + date of the PC clock using TIME server v0.85b 78211 Filter program ro "clean" files (good) 521618 Pretty Good Privacy sources 3262 VOC (sound) file player v1.1 (ASM) 8242 Convert a portable pixmap into an X11 pixmap 4455 pspp (PS pretty printer?) 4926 Portable VALIDATE; file authentication v1.0 (C)
pvoc.gz 3532 No description available.
raysctar.gz 12570 No description available. 33694 Source code (C) for receiving fax with ZyXEL U-1496 5876 READOBJ pgm sources 46786 Remind 2.3.0 source 48044 Remind v2.3.0 source
rot.gz 4463 No description available. 41455 RPN30EXE sources (TC v2.0) 7260 Interrupt driven IO on the serial ports 7761 Front-end for write(1) that records messages 22076 Set the environment block of a shell (C + pas) 67305 Shell-shark, compress, btoa/atob (unix,386ix,xenix,os2,dos) 12106 Face viewer v1.1 (w ASM) 102669 Unix shell source for Ms-Dos (w C) 5755 Singly linked list (pas) 11588 Slow-down-PC sources 22440 Snuz v1.00 source (netnews reader) (MS-C 5.1) 40258 Utilities for word manipulation 7661 Compress and decompress files using the 'splay' tree 21708 ST-01 SCSI DOS driver (w asm) 351754 Release 3 of starchart/observe (PS,X11,SunView,etc) 107276 Stevie (vi clone) source 3947 Tangle v3.2 encryption program source code, A.Finlay 695792 NCSA Telnet v2.3.08 source 60354 Make the terminfo/termcap library 31727 TeX preprocessor v1.2 91297 TILE Forth rel2.0 32-bit Forth-83 15131 Useful functions for Clipper 106723 Ultra v1.05 random number generator (C + ASM) 38645 ARJ archive extractor C source code, Robert Jung 6212 Unshar (Unix shar file) 27365 Unzip source for MS-DOS (Pas + execut.) 46173 UnZip v2.0; Zipfile Extract Utility (C + TP) 96731 Unzip source for various platforms (Atari,Mac,etc)
uupctar.gz 133021 No description available. 5155 Basic set of routines for VESA VGA cards 16011 VGA font mgmt/subsystem (ASM / C) 48636 Vifsexe source 1026645 Vi IMproved, vim sources, Bram Moolenaar 34455 View-xm v1.0.1 view extended memory (or low memory) (286 AT) 5388 Whetstone benchmark (w Fortran) 2702 Turbo C wildcard expansion 261296 Xvi editor source
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.