Name Size Description 18563 BLOCK v1.10 DOS system files protection.
Protects important DOS system files against
changes. Protects C:\AUTOEXEC.* against
changes and C:\CONFIG.* and C:\*.SYS against
even being read or shown on dir listings. The
registered version allows the protection to
be disabled with a password, and the
protection for drive A: through G: to be
changed. 226066 File safety device for coding and decoding files, T. Martin 790404 Free encryption library for DOS/UNIX/Windows, P. Gutmann 65551 DELETE 1.20 -- Enhanced file delete!
Options include prompt before delete,
overwrite & delete, recursive delete
of files & directories, override file
attributes, and more than one file
specification on the command line.
Share ware registration $15.00. 5393 Executable file password by Alan D. Jones 81619 浜様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様
.-=( **GateWAY 1.2** )=-.
Adafinn Software INC.
GateWAY provides a way of
restricting access by using
a PASSWORD. Up to 30 users,
each with different passwords.
Options include - colour,
welcome message, passwords,
password character, incorrect
Errorlevels Too! With guest
access & Secure operation to
prevent hacking etc...
REQ's - 286, 200k HDD
space, 400k RAM!
藩様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様 82475 A burglar alarm that needs no extra hardware!
By using a combination of psychology and your
existing computer hardware, "HandsOff!" helps
protect your valuables. HandsOff won an award
in the 12th PBS Shareware contest. Picked as
a "Freebie of the Month" by ZiffNet. HandsOff
was written by Pinnacle Software, creators of
the Sapphire bulletin board system. For voice
support, call 514-345-9578, or dial in to our
free files BBS at 514-345-8654. 7153 8086/286 assembler source for a keyboard ISR
that samples fast timings between keystrokes
as a genuine source of randomness for crypto
software. Includes C and TPascal interfaces. 52315 Lock'm-up v2.5 Password protect PC 36434 敖陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳朕
- LockPC v1.1 -
This small yet powerful utility
allows user management on a PC.
Each user has its own login name
and password. All accesses are
logged in a readable log file.
Small, easy to use and install.
SHAREWARE, see the documentation
for registration details.
(C) Nagy Andras 06-30-97
青陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳潰 71126 Secure Systems login for the PC, Scott Preston 9002 A simple password protection, Dale P. Smith 76861 NOISE.SYS 0.4.9 is a random noise device for
DOS systems (modelled after the /dev/random
implementation for Linux) which samples the
system's hardware for noise that can be used
for cryptographic- and simulation-quality
randomness. Freeware, with source code.
80386 mimimum. Mouse or soundcard optional. 18306 NUKE v3.2S *THE* File/Disk Deletion Utility!
Nuke is a DOS GUI based file/disk deletion
program! Files are deleted on a permanent
basis! The filename/filesize/date/time/attr
are all changed to hide the files true name.
The information inside the file is completely
destroyed beyond any hope of recovery! NUKE
is extremely fast! and fully supports ALL
Copyright 1996 by Dustin Cook. 8675 Password v1.3 protect your HD or FD 33692 (v2.03)PASSWORD PROTECTION IN CONFIG.SYS
This program is loaded as a device
driver in CONFIG.SYS, and requires the
user to enter the "proper" password to
continue the boot process. Failure to
enter the correct password after "n"
tries results in a cold reboot. Also,
if the user input remains idle for "n"
seconds, the system will be rebooted.
Keypresses refresh the timeout counter.
A success results in the continuation of
CONFIG.SYS. It is intended that this
program be used with the multiple config
capabilities of MSDOS 6.xx, or DataLight
ROM-DOS 6.22. Passwords are not case-
sensitive in this program!

Freeware by Joe Gruessing, 15636 Simple password protection at boot-up 40762 PC-lock v2.1 protect even from floppy boot 118074 PROTECT v2.20 - A software protection system
toolkit for programmers to protect programs
against piracy. Automatic diskette serial
numbering and copy protection. Prevents
multiple hard-disk installion. Personalised
encryption key to enable customisation of
the protection. For MSDOS, Novell Netware
and WIN3. Core system written in assembler.
Turbo-C/C++ example linkage on board -
other languages possible. $50 / 35stg. 10250 Password prot. prg 10306 Resident Write Protector v1.00b 7807 Protect executable with a password (unfinished) 64031 UPDATE v1.13 mirrors a workstation
harddisk or part of it on a server and
restores it at each startup. Each
mirror/archive can contain multiple versions
of the harddisk. Supports Windows 95 long
filenames even under DOS. Archives containing
Windows 95 long filenames can reside on
filesystem that does not support long
filenames. Can restore a complete harddisk
from network using boot-diskette. 9232 =- Wipe v3.03 - File security utility -=
"Wipe out" confidential files with one of
the smallest, yet fastest and most powerful
data security utilities ever written. Needs
a PC system, DOS v2.0/Win and 68 KB of RAM. 38131 Deletes files by overwriting them by V.Kolhinen 3941 Protect hard disk against write attempts (asm)
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.