Name Size Description 714622 Thirty Something TV series .voc sound 596406 Thirty Something TV series .voc sound 80393 AWEPlay 0.430 by Thor

The best module player for the AWE32!

+loads and plays XM/MOD modules (for XM, 8/16 bits samples)
+up to 30 channels, max 256 rows, max 256 patterns
+almost all FastTracker II's effects implemented (so Protracker's too)
+force upload (if not enough RAM on AWE32, less samples, but playing)

Updates from 0.300a:
corrected envelope bugs
fadeout bugs
bug when default tempo is 0
distortion bug
multisample instruments bugs
16 bit samples bug
filename decoding
linear frequency bug
old format xm bug
reverb/chorus interactive change
upload indicator
pattern/row indicator
maximum upload speed(!)
reverb/chorus type interactive change(!) 256580 Bart Simpson .voc + .fli 180735 Turbo C Blaster interface + tools 175640 Blaster Master v4.2 tool kit for .voc files 287104 CD-Box v3.06 (ASP): all-in-one VGA, mouse
multi-format sound player for AdLib, SB.
Supports .CMF/.MID/.MOD/.MUS/.ROL/.VOC/
.WAV/user-defined, across multiple
drives/directories, with Pause, Repeat,
volume control, playing from .ARC, .ARJ,
.PAK and .ZIP, handling of bank files,
song lengths and titles, nice graphics and
funny animations. Now spans whole
directory structures! Shareware. 76815 Spectrum analyser for SB-16, H.Thomassen 147532 FMED 1.0 v1.00 OPL3 FM SOUND EDITOR FOR GAME
PROGRAMMERS Registration: 55$,including bonus
CD ROM + 2 updates 9615 Audio Oscilloscope (req's numeric co-processor) 111614 A kind of DAC Music traker (tracker) + editor 184131 A kind of DAC Music traker (tracker) + editor 196414 A kind of DAC Music traker (tracker) + editor 71140 A kind of DAC Music traker (tracker) + editor 212310 A kind of DAC Music traker (tracker) + editor 183233 A kind of DAC Music traker (tracker) + editor 319151 A kind of DAC Music traker (tracker) + editor 55117 A kind of DAC Music traker (tracker) + editor 96810 A kind of DAC Music traker (tracker) + editor 413464 A kind of DAC Music traker (tracker) + editor 249862 A kind of DAC Music traker (tracker) + editor 167238 A kind of DAC Music traker (tracker) + editor 22467 A kind of DAC Music traker (tracker) + editor 23205 A kind of DAC Music traker (tracker) + editor 197411 Musician I v1.5 make your own music 97490 Digital noise (background) reduction v1.0 18437 Play any file through SoundBlaster v1.2 330895 +-----------------------------------------+
| *** QSEQ *** MIDI Sequencer for DOS *** |
|This MIDI sequencer works only with SB |
|cards, has 40 tracks, numerous options |
|and tools to work on the music, can use |
|SB internal FM synth, is configurable, |
|can use standard MIDIfiles and edit your |
|synth thru a programmable sysex editor. |
|Shareware by David HAUBENSACK, FRANCE. |
+-----------------------------------------+ 10337 Sound Blaster Digest #1 newsletter 25562 Sound Blaster Digest #2 newsletter 11060 Sound Blaster Digest #3 newsletter 10213 Sound Blaster Digest #4 newsletter 20412 Sound Blaster Digest #5 newsletter 13670 Sound Blaster Digest #6 newsletter 17404 Sound Blaster Digest #7 newsletter 14185 Sound Blaster Digest #8 newsletter 30973 Sound Blaster Digest #9 newsletter 22200 Sound Blaster Digest #10 newsletter 20764 Sound Blaster Digest #11 newsletter 69284 Sound Blaster Digest #12 newsletter 31299 Sound Blaster Digest #13 newsletter 25705 Sound Blaster Digest #14 newsletter 26316 Sound Blaster Digest #15 newsletter 28076 Sound Blaster Digest #16 newsletter 28015 Sound Blaster Digest #17 newsletter 24803
SBPVOL Ver. 3.01á 25-04-95 (C) SGM Soft³SBPVOL Ver. 3.01á 25-04-95 (C) SGM Soft
By Santiago Garc¡a Manti¤ n (MANTY)³Por Santiago Garc¡a Manti¤ n (MANTY)
SBPVOL, the SB Pro remote control is a³SBPVOL, el mando a distancia de la
resident program to adjust the volume³SB Pro es un programa residente para
of the SB Pro. ³ajustar el volumen de la SB Pro.
It only takes 624 bytes of memory and³Solo ocupa 624 bytes de memoria y
works under nearly every single program³funciona bajo casi todos los programas
(even under Windows in protected mode).³(incluso Windows en modo protegido). 7519 Audio Oscilloscope v1.04 45639 SVC 2.20mk - Sound Volume Control
(C) Andr‚s Mazzocchi aka Shielden

-- Special version dedicated --
-- to Mikael Klasson --

[Freeware] - A compact DOS program
that allows you to modify your
SB16/AWE32 (tm) volume in a fast
pass without using the other slower
mixers. Execute, press the arrow
keys and Enter!, that's the entire
operation. Try it!. Faster is

*Fully commented* Assembler source
code is included!.

Release Date: September 20th, 1997 251683 Trakblast v2.0 plays Amiga .mod files, Volker Zinke 135614 Voicemaker v1.10 - Freeware text-to-speech
utility player and recorder. Make the com-
puter talk by reading English text with
your own voice or the program's voice file.
Online help for learning phonetics and the
mechanics of speech. Requires EGA & Sound
Blaster card. A microphone is also required
if you want to record your own phonemes. 327036 Voice recognition system with library, S.Frongillo 59611 Vox shell 2.0 for VOS 3.0, S.Frongillo
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.