Name Size Description 193645 Word search and crossword compilation program 136882 Rec.Bicycles Frequently Asked Questions 34396 Menu driven crossword creater, B.Modesitt 218866 Coloring Book Version 2.0! A classic child's
toy is now here for your PC. Coloring Book 2
includes 10 pictures (35 pictures come in the
registered version.) The program supports 50
colors, sound effects (the registered version
adds digital sound support,) keyboard, mouse,
and joystick control, and printing to both HP
and Epson compatible printers. Coloring Book
is by far the best program of its type. Kids
do not need help learning to use. Needs VGA. 93045 Crossword Construction Kit by Kijin Jung 233521 Crossword Creator by Brad Kaenel 302017 Crossword Compiler with word lists, A.Lewis 214279 Baseball game and umpire manager, J. Lemieux 870073 GROW'EM v3.0 - Definitive program on
propagating plants from seeds, cuttings, by
layering, etc. Features over 200 species,
most propagating techniques in depth, and
detailed info on growth media, composting,
lighting, etc. Easy-to-use resource,
illustrated with sketches and photos, runs
well under DOS or Windows. Requires VGA,
1.6 MB hard disk space free 336642 4000 jokes/quotes in 25 categories, M.Wester 100918 The New Puzzle Factory crossword generator, M.Watman 612999 The Prophecies of Nostradamus 1.0:
A hi-resolution executable "book"
that tells you your future using
some original "centuries" written
by the famous French prophet and their
respective interpretation in English
in accord to other prophecies from
other prophets. It's not a game...
Requires: DOS 3.1+ (runs under W95)
VGA/SVGA graphics; MS/Logitech
compatible mouse (and free free RAM). 29786 Fold a paper box out of a paper sheet w/src, A.Weiss 295094 Peter's Warbirds is an enjoyable coloring
program for children of all ages. Peter's
Warbirds was designed to be used by young
children with minimal assistance by adults.
This program is superior to many other
children's coloring programs. It allows the
user to place the various World War II
vintage airplanes, in any size, on a variety
of backgrounds. 634088 $$$ PRO FOOTBALL EDGE! 1996 VER 5.0 $$$
Sports Bettors: Handicap/Track the NFL.
Last season "Actual Results": 23-6 (79%)
on 3 Star OVER/UNDER Computer Picks!!!
Nine matchup screens per game plus Money
Management. Optional Modem updates
(with 2 tout sheets) from our BBS or
WWW.PFEDGE.COM. Includes 13 Year
Database and 1996 schedule. Needs DOS
or Windows with minimum 512KB Ram. 42928 Random Edgar Allan Poe quote generator, T.Nguyen 38438 Football league table calculator, C.Laird 299005 Sports registration Manager 180975 Computerized guide to Star Trek shows and movies 149285 Conway's game of Life for 386+VGA, K.Fredriksson 59971 Write + send out your own christmas cards, G. Van Nuffel
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.