Name Size Description 46998 DMlogin -Powerful/Easy Login Utility. A great network login utility for
all types of networks. Works especially well with NetWare. Keeps your
users in a controlled environment until network login is successfully
accomplished. Good looking, professional, and needed. Administrators -
try it; you won't be sorry. Small; easy setup; powerful results; 0K
overhead; secure; knows NetWare; much more. Unobtrusive shareware. 415043 DOSmenu -Powerful/Easy Menu Management. The very BEST network menu system.
Great reviews. Administrators - try it; you won't be sorry. Small; easy
setup; powerful results; 0K overhead; run TSRs; secure; unlimited menus;
logging, software metering, hardware managing; powerful menu 'rights';
knows NetWare; change system on-the-fly; much more. Unobtrusive shareware. 44397 Powerful/easy job queuing for Novell, other networks 121275 EASY-NET connect two machines using serial ports 4959 Network block driver for sharing hard-disks, V.Rustem 30783 Commandline utility to retrieve Usenet news, M. Goebbel 277871 Lanlock Software Security System v1.2 (Novell) 35128 McMenu v1.010 Novell Menu type menu 580906 Add, delete, modify and list many NetWare users 24119 Netcom+ v1.1 - NetBIOS LAN FOSSIL redirector.
Netcom+ package permits users of Netbios-based
LANs (such as Artisoft LANtastic) to share
modem installed on one workstation over the net.

RF.EXE - modem redirector, used to run communication package.
RFS.EXE - modem server, to be run on PC equipped with modem.
READ.ME - simple documentation.
FILE_ID.DIZ - this file. 1669986 NetSoft LAN HP LaserJet User's Guide, Albert Graham 597688 NetSoft LAN HTML User's Guide, Albert Graham 839524 NetSoft LAN PostScript User's Guide, Albert Graham 13863 Network integrity checker, J.Ferrez 292288 Complete local area network system (DOS/WIN), A.Graham 180122 Parallel (LAN system) programming environment (TP 5+) 43286 PC-Share v1.00 a PC CPU sharer for Novell LANs 340428 QView Pro v2.34 Netware Print Queue manager.
QView Pro is a utility designed to allow
complete control of multiple print queues.
QView Pro allows the operator to view the
contents of more than one print queue at a
time, scan for duplicate prints, and move
jobs between queues. 35774 Request Novell file server account 68775 View data on TCP/IP connections 6869 Lan Manager utility; Use v1.25 manage connections
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.