Name Size Description 9911 .zip files contents in /pc/miscutil directory 111914 Selection of 'Best of PC Tech Journal' progs 57004 Vernon Buerg's utilities 1/4 75486 Vernon Buerg's utilities 2/4 68422 Vernon Buerg's utilities 3/4 76163 Vernon Buerg's utilities 4/4 113986 COMCAL v.1.0 - This program will print for
you a calendar for any year since the year
1584 to the year 10000. COMCAL has a full
mouse and a keyboard support.
FREEWARE. 306499 Counts multiple elements using KB + maintains dtabase of counts 204116 ====== Cs Utility 1.3 ======
Cs Utility is a package of
23 small utility to fine
tune your computer like Fast
Search, LockFile, Lock, Boot
PcInfo and many more.
New in this version:
Improvement to some utility
and bug fixing.
Shareware registration : 15$
Uploaded by author.
============================ 3512 Dostools v1.0 small and fast dos utilities (good) 484175 A variety of DOS utilities, Vernon Wayne Chestnut 116303 Several good PC utilities autosave/file xfer/etc. 170013 Game making and general utilities, P.Hassinen 82775 The 'HandyDOS' Utilities 141622 The Hughes - Schoolfield Utilities 228042 ----------> INKUTILS 1.52 <-----------
11 DOS/Win95 DOS Utilities now with
Win95 long filename support. Including
DEDIT - 4DOS/NDOS/TCMD Description
Editor with unique auto config,
importing and Win95 long filename
grabbing functions. DD - The best
directory deletion utility. EE - a
command line/desktop/TSR (1K)
calculator. CE - Replaces the dull
"Abort, Retry or Fail" message with
an informative window that pops up.
*PLUS* 7 other utils and a menu style
user guide. Freeware by Mark Incley.
e-mail: 1086195 嬪様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様邑
害憶碓 LEHIPEDS Version 3.1 旭臼臆
Medical Office Practice Management
Software for Pediatric or other
primary care medical offices. Under
continuous use & development in a
pediatric office for over 5 years.
User defined fees, diagnosis and
CPT codes; patient billing; prints
HCFA forms, statements, ledgers and
financial reports; pop-up help
screens; electronic billing for FL
users. Managed care module for
registered users. Much more.
塒様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様余 55551 MicroSource Utilities assortment, P.Carapetis 219360 MU1097.ZIP Magic Utilities October 1997 29355 Dos Unixish batch utilities 1, freeware, W.Mahringer 174643 Dos Unixish batch utilities 2, freeware, W.Mahringer 22060 Keyboard etc utilities, freeware, W.Mahringer 180018 Some very nice utilities from Mr. Patriquin 81503 An incoherent collection of PC-Tech utilities 112163 Prograp v2.07 set of tools (grep,tab,untab etc) 205644 Professional master key utilities v3.2 (15 Feb 91) (good) 13849 SupremeAsk v1.35 (like Norton ASK) 48062 Software management utility v1.00 32716 Tools, I would think? 137563 Utilities by Maks Gabrielsen v2.5.2 (no english...) 152342 TSX-Lite Multi-User O/S Version 4.11 (1/4), P.Sherrod 1140760 TSX-Lite Multi-User O/S Version 4.11 (2/4), P.Sherrod 1140621 TSX-Lite Multi-User O/S Version 4.11 (3/4), P.Sherrod 1078275 TSX-Lite Multi-User O/S Version 4.11 (4/4), P.Sherrod
utillist.txt 18230 Contents of batpower, bestutil, cpcug, pctech, xanadu20 2699 Boot, Mini, Pasword, Unhide 63912 Craig Veal utility prgs 20207 Still more utilities, hdir, pcstat, sfind, etc 140914 A collection of usual utilities 142985 General purpose utilities/enhancements by Scott Pazur
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.