Name Size Description 65074 Customizable color 3-D menu system v2.0 391674 Advanced DOS Menu/Program Launcher, V.Vespalec 130608 DOS shell, file manager + nested menus v3.02 126396 Application Programmable Pilot v3.4 menu system 159667 Automenu - menu system from Magee 56154 Advanced Quick Load 2.2 by Brent Modesitt 22649 Batch Menu System v5.4 140382 Batch enhancement utilities for creating menus 256539 Program manager and powerful menu system, T. Martin 209436 C-Menu v3.0 high res system menuing software (good) 34793 CyberMenu Shareware Version
Please distribute freely.
This program is a startup
menu that has various
access levels and system
priveledges. 58454 Free stand-alone or Netware based menu program 109130 Graphical User Interface for MS-DOS, R.Steinbach 19985 Exemenu v2.2 execute files from dir menu (w PAS) 76030 Easy Access menuing system v6.1 148567 EasyMenu v3.6 126215 Clipper made menu system (interesting) 144828 Graphical menu program for DOS, J.Schipperheijn 75855 Graphical menu program for DOS, J.Schipperheijn 202963 PC menu manager v4.46 (mouse support) 96810 浜様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様
::::::::::: The HardDisk Accomplice V. 1.70 :::::::::::
Disk Cache Support
43/50 line text modes for the EGA/VGA Video cards
Mouse Control
Added security of Password protection
An online Help facility
Features a configurable Screen Blanker
藩様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様 337522 HDMS is a complete dos based menu system
that's VERY easy to setup & use. Features
include an auto create menu that detects
programs already on your hard disk (over
1,000), full system info, parameters,
graphical screen saver, FULL security,
online help, network compatible, mouse
support, no memory overhead when running
programs. Elegant & tidy interface. 127484 JOC-MENU 1.2 - Pulldown menu system quick and
powerful. Execute all your aplications with
menus. 10 levels of anidation. 16 options by
menu. All the menus visibles in the in the
screen. Quick and easy definition of menus.
Takes no memory when executes a program. Mouse
suport. Screensaver. Hypertext help system.
Calculator. Calendar. Ascii table, etc
Can also be used for launching applications
in win95/NT. 192312 Kwikmenu v3.40 hard disk menu system 256606 KYSS! v3.7.1; Menu system + file manager 242911 Launch v4.70 Menu System Crystal Software

Smart, flexible and attractive windowed menu
system that caters for all levels of users.
Point-&-click mouse support, ~83K context-
sensitive system help with index, facilities
for user-defined help. For speedy selection,
menu items can have a short cut (global, eg
Alt+A) and multiple hot keys (local to each
menu eg 'A'). AutoBuild makes adding items
simple. Menus can hold up to 255 items, menu
depth is unlimited, menus can be linked.
Supports all DOS-based networks, with user-
specific presentation and settings. Uses NO
memory when running applications (can load/
unload TSRs). Auto-installation. Security-
encrypted passwords and/or authority levels.
DOS access and editing restrictions. Menu
conversion to/from ASCII. Flexible data
entry when running commands. Supports 43/50
line modes, EGA/VGA palette editing. Screen
saver. Usage tracking. DOS 3.0+, 160k memory,
500k disk. 22058 Self maintaining menu utility with no exec. memory overhead 19154 Menu pgm, profile tailor screen 52424 Menu system with many utilities 16690 Setup a menu system 69550 Menu for DOS, new version 2.00 by A.Spiegl and H.Kaufmann 3/6/95

MENU is an easily configurable menu for all DOS-applications, which
releases all memory when applications are running and therefore does
not influence the performance of any program. Even MS Windows can be
started from the MENU with no drawbacks.
MENU includes a screen saver, similar to the one from Norton Commander.
You can choose your menu items by using the keyboard or mouse, whatever
you prefer. All the features your mouse-driver and/or video card have,
will be supported: like a graphics mouse cursor in text(!) mode,
windowing etc.
MENU now includes an INSTALL utility! 376999 The MENU MASTER 1.0 is a graphics menu used
to manage hard disk programs. The user may
select fonts, character sizes, and icons for
each selection. The program comes with a
complete DOS utility program and is very easy
to use. Both experienced and new computer
users will find this program most attractive.
Shareware ($25) from Kwabena Mireku. 25400 MINI MENU v0.3 Configurable menu shell allows
you to put your programs and projects into a
flexible menu interface. Easily add, change,
or delete menus and menu items. Assign custom
hotkeys. Supports batch files and command line
parameters. Mouse sensitive menus. Now with
custom color configuration. (shareware) 126977 Mouse Meister v1.0 operating system environment with menus 73857 The Main Menu v3.0 48971 Menu Master v2.11 538246 Easy menu with big icons to run programs, C+A.Sicherer 46103 Orchard House V3.0 is a very quick and
handy DOS shell that does everything
you always wished a shell would do
without getting in your way. It allows
you to assign up to 20 file/program
names to hot keys with automatic
passing of parameters. Previous commands
are always accessible in various formats
with just a few keystrokes, and they can
be fully edited giving you truely managed
command line support. Any program or batch
file will run in the OH environment with
piping or redirection. OH is intended
to simplify and combine processes. For
instance, multiple directory levels
can be created or deleted all at once.
And it is not necessary to thread though
menus to find the function you need.
Releases time slices to OS2, Windows and
Desqview. This is a major update.
Still small, still fast. OH is the one to get. 166709 Novell-compatible menu program, B.Habel 299976 POWERDOS v5.00
PowerDos 5.00 is a Dos front end shell with over 80 functions!!!
Most Dos commands can be run from the PowerDos 5.00 menu as well as
Special PowerDos 5.00 commands. Has built in Screen Blanker/Saver,
Calculator, 160 year Calendar, Clock, Date, System Lock, Diskwipe,
Test (Mouse - Joystick - Speaker - Printer - Video), System Shutdown,
Compress/Encrypt Files, Add Device Drives, Change Video Mode, See
Free Hard Drive Space and more!!!
Runs on a 286 or better. (Recommend 386/Dos 6.xx) 12335 Pop N Go menu program, make your own menus 546357 Icon-based graphical menu and desktop for DOS 70187 RVMS Automenu look-alike by I.Clark 4429 DOS patch file menu system 234378 Truemenu v6.00 hard disk menu system 36810 PC Valet MS-DOS Shell, John A. Junod 33444 PC-Valet Super Menu to launch applications, J.Junod 32826 Menu for launching applications, I.Yao
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.