Name Size Description 3639 256 key typeahead buffer for compatible BIOS, E.Neulight 866 Scandinavian keyboard driver for telecomm progs (no docs) 3808 Another Scandinavian resident keyboard driver 6391 AUTO24 v1.02 automatic answer to A(bort),R(etry) etc. 10080 AltKey v1-3. Allows alt+number on PC's without numerical keypad - with source. 10075 Feeds keystrokes to kbd from file 6843 Simulate Wordstar keyboard layout for Brief v2.0 464 Keyboard buffer of 128 characters 7366 Expand the keyboard buffer to 160 characters 530 Capslock to Ctrl, RightShift + CapsLock to CapsLock (works?) 6773 Clear "n" keystrokes from the keyboard buffer v1.2 2831 Add a keyboard click v1.0 by Erik Tamboer (inaudible?) 6222 DBLCAP v1.0 - CapsLock Fixer
Freeware, by Dale Nurden
+ Small TSR to stop accidental
presses of the CapsLock key. With
DBLCAP installed, CapsLock must be
pressed twice inside a time limit
to be effective.
+ Also contains a built-in hotkey
(Ctrl-Alt-Bkspc) which, when
pressed, clears the keyboard buffer.
Nice if you type ahead and make a
+ Includes ASM source.
-------------------------------------- 12288 Cyrillic code page + keyboard driver for MS-DOS v3.3 (EGA/VGA) 15935 Dosgost cyrillic (keyboard) driver source 6584 Dynakeys key redefinition v1.01 by Masaki Sawada 3109 DVORAK.BAT + SHOLES.BAT use ANSI.SYS to change keys 36402 Keyboard enhancer, speedup, expanded buffer, blanker v2.6 1612 Yet another Scandinavian driver (AT version, works?) 13432 File name completion Filec 21687 Another Scandinavian keyboard driver 3132 Fixkpc v2.3 + fixkat v2.2 shift CTRL + CAPS LOCK 11162 TSR to simulate GOLD key with Num Lock (VTxxx) (w ASM) 19557 GrabChars; get user keystrokes without req. return 3145 Keyboard sys driver for Iceland by Fridrik Skulason 524 Swaps Caps Lock and Ctrl keys on AT + PS/2 11893 Keyboard enhancements by Skip Gilbrech 30278 Prototype keyboard interrupt service routine, (w ASM) 5310 Increases keyboard buffer 10726 A nice display of the keyboard keyscan codes 2186 Type-ahead keyboard buffer (16-512 bytes) 13738 Resizable minimum size keyboard buffer replacement 31317 Keyfeed v1.2 TSR keystroke feeder utility 38537 Keys (for Ansi.sys) v2.20; redefinition program 68661 Keyboard Macros/Function key setter 837 Adjust keyspeed (only AT) (also see /pc/ts/ 40897 Keyboard Enhancer + Keyboard Table Definer, E.Antworth 10226 KeyTap v1.30 - Non-TSR keystroke simulator.
Runs application or shell whilst simulating
user keypresses. Ideal for automating menu
driven programs, or using from batch scripts.
Key list may given on command line or read
from file. Automatic pacing for slow apps.
Delays can be inserted into the key list.
less than 3.5K in memory! 3390 Control Num/Caps/Scroll locks from command line, S.Bayern 1091 Turn off keyboard NumLock/ScrollLock/CapsLock 5326 Control the different keyboard locks (w C) 507 Handles lock keys (no documents) 245 NumLock on/off (also see caps.exe in /pc/ts/ 232 NumLock off 2166 PKSFANSI disables keyboard key reassignments 252119 Phantom, Keystroke record-and-playback utility, complicated 19444 TSR Keyboard macro processor, D.Weiss 4215 Swap Esc, Ctrl, CapsLock keys (in high mem) by R.Brown 18705 Record + Playback v1.0 (good) 23324 Fake keystrokes from the keyboard, Bret Johnson 4914 Shift Lock, v1.0. Shift Lock is a TSR
that turns the "Caps Lock" key into a
"Shift Lock" key. "Shift Lock" applies
the "Shift" key to ALL keystrokes
(numbers, function keys, letters, etc.). 9539 Simulates keystrokes for programs without macros 51766 SUPERKBD v2.41; (repeat rate, buffer, macros) 2792 A keyboard driver for us diacritical Finns 2939 Screen to keyboard Paster, June-Shyan Yih 82786 Stuff keys into the keyboard buffer, w/asm 25556 StuffIt v3.10; Keyboard macro program 2924 Swap the Ctrl and CapsLock key 1304 A 256 byte typeahead buffer by John Joubert 9067 WideBuf allows you to set a keyboard
buffer with the size you want. It is
an EXE file, so you can install and
uninstall it at the DOS prompt, unlike
many other keyboard buffer programs.
WideBuf works perfectely with Windows.
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.