Name Size Description 170001 Hypertext engine with grand unified field theory, R.Heath 587308 Freeware project-oriented HTML-editor 388994 Easy Book v2.6 - The Electronic Book Creator.
Combine up to 250 Chapters into a single EXE
Ebook. Add HyperText, Graphics, Voice. Select
colors and fonts to use. Design your Table of
Contents Screen. Chapters can be browsed and
searched. Printing and BookMark options. All
Chapters are compressed and combined into an
executable to protect your work. Executable
has virus self-check. Shareware from
Information Entrepreneur Software. 84581 HTML2TEXT convert HTML files to text, good, G.Spearhead 35971 An HTM(L) to ASCII Document Converter, nagware, S.Township 128636 HTMSTRIP.EXE (2002.08): Processes and
removes embedded HTML commands from Web
pages downloaded from the Web. Reflows
paragraphs, processes tables, etc as
straight ASCII text. Can function on
individually-saved pages or else process
your entire disk cache. Ideal tool for
resending via e-mail or dozens of
different uses. Awarded a "Best" rating
by "PC Computing" in their July 1996
Bruce Guthrie / Wayne Software 143739 Hyplus hypertext system (good) 12592 Convert The Jargon File to a HDK format 134068 Black Magic Hypertext pgm (graphics req'd) 180683 Black Magic Hypertext pgm (great) 308413 Black Magic Hypertext pgm 718129 Multimedia authoring system for interactive newsletters 18418 Quail Stripper ver 2.0
CopyRight 1996 QuailWare
A DOS utility that strips HTML
codes from a text file. In the
past if you downloaded a page
from the web and wanted to read
it, you had to sort through all
the HTML codes. Those days are
past. Quail Stripper removes the
HTML codes from the file, without
touching the text.
[Shareware $10] 376455 QuikRef v2.1 - Create Multi-media HyperText
Lists with up to 1500 Buttons.Each Button can
call up a Graphic or a Voice or Music file or
Text Information. User defined .DEF file
gives total control of the presentation. Use
for Glossaries, teaching and training drills,
look-up lists of technical terms and more.
Compatible with Windows and SoundBlaster.
Requires Harddisk and Color Monitor.Shareware
from Information Entrepreneur Software. 273057 (v1.02) SCC - Source Code Colorizer
SCC reads source code and generates an HTML
file with colored comments, keywords and
strings. SCC supports more than 20 popular
programming languages.
SCC is available as 16 bit DOS, 32 bit
Windows NT / Windows 95 and as Netscape
Navigator 3.0 32 bit Plug-In.
Shareware (US$ 38.-, DM 50,-)
Juergen Mueller 99235 HYPLUS - hypertext authoring tool 435710 TestMaker v3.1 - Multi-media Test Maker.
Create Multiple Choice Tests with up to
250 Questions by placing simple Commands in
a text file. Add Voice,Graphics,Music,Fonts
and HyperText. Present in any language and
record results to printer or disk. Perfect
tool for Computer Based Training. Compatible
with Win31, Win95 and SoundBlaster. Requires
Harddisk and Color Monitor. Shareware from
Information Entrepreneur Software. 710192 TutorialWriter v5.1 - Electronic Publisher.
Create Interactive Multi-media Tutorials,
Electronic Books, slide shows and more. Add
Voice, Graphics, Music, HyperText, Pop-up
Windows, Menus. No programming skills needed.
Win 3.1 and Win95 compatible. SoundBlaster.
Make money on the Information Superhighway
selling E-Books. Get in on the Information
Revolution!! E-Publishing secrets revealed.
Shareware - Information Entrepreneur Software 72158 UnHTML removes HTML code from ASCII files, J. Karim 61436 VIEWHTML v2.0: Quickie HTML viewer and converter.
A very useful tool for viewing web documents
off-line, with hypertext linking and colours.
You can also use this program to simply convert
HTML documents to standard text files. Uses XMS
for large files. Copy text to Windows clipboard.

_vti_cnf 0 No description available.