Name Size Description 81165 Global FOT Frequency Maps for shortwave radio (AVI) 89958 Global MUF Frequency Maps for shortwave radio (AVI) 179240 WORLD TIME v.1.0 - This program will tell
the time anywhere in the world across the
24 World Time Zones. To start the program,
select a local city. This is usually the
city where you live, or a city in the same
time zone. You only have to do this once,
and the program will remember it. Of course,
you can change this default anytime you like.
The program also comes with several desktop
utilities .
Shareware. Reg. AU$30, US$24, UKú14 49931 Electrical inductance calculator w/C src, S.Moshier 148057 PC-Ham contest logging program v3.42 33154 Code Practice utility v2.22c 88947 Multilingual DXCC list and database by OH2BU + OH2DN, v1.25 73706 DX Tracker v1.0; (un)worked country statistics package 379453 EarthWatch v3.5 Displays in real time a
striking dynamic map of the world showing day
& night areas, sunrise & sunset times for any
selectable world location, present time in
any of the world time zones, date on either
side of the International Date Line, Lat/Long
of major cities (mouse selectable), position,
age, & phase of the moon, position of sun on
the analemma, and more. Three map styles
(elevation, natural, & national). 14392 YEASU FRG-100 channel data loader 4183 Cities lat/long for GeoClock world map 19131 More cities lat/long for GeoClock world map 10688 World cities lat/long for GeoClock world map 351235 GEOCLOCK 7.5 sunlight clock for DOS. The
current sun position is displayed, and the
parts of the earth in sunlight and twilight
are highlighted, with local sunrise/set and
times around the world. A windows version
(GCKWIN75.ZIP) is also available, and the
two versions are functionally and graphicly
similar. Over 200 maps and a spinning
globe program are available. 67398 Maps for GeoClock world map program 112935 GeoClock v4.41; for CGA/HGC etc. 194399 Extra files for GeoClock sunlight clock.
These files require GEOCLK75 or GCKWIN75 and
include three additional maps, several
utility programs, and the data base for
configuring GeoClock by US zip code. 2684 More time zones data for the GeoClock world map program 419480 Reception + transmission of radio teletype + CW, v3.0 31096 Calculate distance and bearing to radio stations, J.Perkiomaki 516895 Reception + transmission of FAX + SSTV by DK8JV, v6.0(1) 41973 Additional maps for GeoClock world map 59366 Morse Practice Program by W3IMA (D.McManus) 108139 MsCode "MORSE CODE MADE EASY" 3.2 for DOS
(Brad's Software;lic.fee $10) Learn Morse
Code the easy way at your own pace. Has 54
graduated character and word lessons. Hear
and see the characters as they are sounded
out at the SPACING, WPM and TONE that you
select. Easy to use menus. Color monitor
and hard drive recommended. 671458 PC-TRACK V 3.1 3D Satellite Tracking
Track 300 satellites at a time. 3D and
mercator projections. VGA graphics. Show
footprints, altitude lines, lines of sight,
space & ground points, solar position.
Predict visible passes. Compute solar illum.,
doppler shift, phase, position, rangerate.
Import data from NORAD, AMSAT. Uses SGP4/SDP4
propagation. Capture graphics to PCX files. 21825 Amateur Packet Radio decoding program v1.20 (HF/VHF) 9701 Information on Finland + Nordic countries on shortwave 92494 Generic TNC comm program (packet, amtor,rtty,etc), J.Lynck 397352 Amateur Radio LogBook Database Program 27088 A gif picture of the timezones, C.LaFave 222436 Whats-Up v1.20; OSCAR telemetry analysis package 126953 Weather facsimile database program, v2.0 334987 YAGIMAX2; yagi antenna design program 463307 YODA; simulation of Dipole Radiation (demo)
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.