Name Size Description
9808w.gif 148939 Bright knot in Supernova 1987A ring, Hubble, 10-Feb-98
betapicb.gif 91113 Warped Disk around star Beta Pictoris, Hubble, 17-Jan-96
bss19.gif 189167 Blue straggles in Globular Cluster 47 Tucanae, 29-Oct-97
btlgeuse.gif 93168 Atmosphere of Betelgeuse with hotspot, Hubble, 15-Jan-96
etacar3d.gif 214387 Dying Eta Carinae expansion in 3-D, Hubble, 10-Jun-96
etacarc.gif 124403 Dying Eta Carinae super-sharp, Hubble, 10-Jun-96
gl105a.gif 143242 Low Mass Companion to Star Gliese 105A, Hubble
gl229b.gif 161348 Brown dwarf Gliese 229B, Palomar and Hubble images
glie623b.gif 57156 Diminutive companion star Gliese 623b, 25 l-years away
grlens.gif 48619 Gravitational Lens G2237+0305, lacks comment
hh1-2.gif 148163 Pair of jets from young star HH1/HH2, Hubble
jetdisk3.gif 212393 Jets from young stars, Hubble
m15gc.gif 190561 Densest known globular cluster M15, Hubble
m4wd.gif 153328 White dwarf stars in globular cluster M4 by Hubble
m96_hst.gif 167748 Portion of a Hubble image of cepheids search, N.Tanvir
mdsgrlns.gif 91687 New class of gravitational Lenses, Hubble WFPC2, 18-Oct-95
n132d.gif 173617 Oxygen-rich supernova remnant in Magellanic Cloud, Hubble
novacyg.gif 18076 Aftermath of the explosion of Nova Cygni in 1992
nscra.gif 96789 Hubble sees a neutron star alone in space, 24-Sep-97
pleiades.gif 229859 A beautiful observatory image of the Pleiades
prc9819w.gif 136120 Possible planet around another star, Hubble, 28-May-98
sn87afb.gif 155468 Supernova 1987A explosion debris, 14-Jan-97, Hubble
sn87stis.gif 193868 Supernova 1987A, Hubble infrared + spectrometer, 12-May-97
starbrst.gif 40550 Supernova in galaxy NGC 3690, 4 pic series, Hawaii
wfpc-06.gif 125874 Hubble Space Telescope: Star Eta Carinae
xraystar.gif 23185 Radio telescope images of GRO J1655-40 X-ray object
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.