Name Size Description
amalthe2.gif 15246 A grainy color image of the Jovian moon Amalthea
amalthea.gif 79231 Shaded relief map of a small Jovian satellite Amalthea
ancient.gif 178825 Ancient Terrain on Solar System's largest moon Ganymede
callist1.gif 246493 Jupiter's second largest moon Callisto, full view
callist3.gif 117528 Gipul Catena crater series on Jovian moon Callisto
callisto.gif 78997 A dark image of Jupiter's second largest moon Callisto
callvalh.gif 191680 The large Valhalla rings on Jovian moon Callisto
europa.gif 115524 A section of the Jovian moon Europa with the icy streaks
europa1.gif 41232 Jupiter's gibbous sixth moon Europa
galeuro.gif 72322 Galileo Mission Natural and False Color Views of Europa
galio.gif 76058 Galileo Mission Color Image of Io
galminos.gif 488696 Galileo False Color Image of Minos Linea Region on Europa
galsat.gif 95938 Family portrait of Jupiter's four largest moons, Hubble
ganymed1.gif 410128 Closeup of Southern Galileo region on Jovian moon Ganymede
ganymede.gif 191157 Full view of Solar System's largest moon Ganymede
halo.gif 140398 Closeup of Halo Crater on largest Jovian moon Ganymede
io.gif 38968 Jupiter's moon Io with active volcanoes
io2.gif 197513 Jupiter's "full pizza" volcanic moon Io
io9495.gif 111421 Changes on the surface of Io, Mar-94/Jul95, Hubble
ioexplod.gif 119139 A distinct plume showing on Jupiter's volcanic moon Io
ioloki.gif 61933 A prominent eruption on Jupiter's volcanic moon Io
iomoun.gif 226122 A grand closeup of a mountain on Jupiter's volcanic moon Io
iosur.gif 349738 A closeup of the surface of Jupiter's volcanic moon Io
iotopog.jpg 26362 Topography of Jovian moon Io, Galileo, 27-Jun-97
iovolcan.jpg 7625 Active volcanic plumes on Io, Galileo, 28-Jun-98
pia00702.jpg 118004 Impact scar on Jovian moon Europa by Galileo, 4-Apr-97
pia01127.jpg 72090 Conamara region of Jovian moon Europa by Galileo probe
pwyll.jpg 110702 Pwyll crater on Europa, Galileo, 19-Dec-96
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.