Name Size Description
3cgalax.gif 126189 Hubble Space Telescope observes Radio Galaxies
9812w.jpg 101276 Starbirth in Galaxy NGC 1808, 22-Mar-98, Hubble
a220nic.gif 265132 Ultraluminous infrared galaxy Apr 220, Hubble, 9-Jun-97
andrmed2.gif 41433 A fuzzy but nice picture of the Andromeda Galaxy
bhgalxs.gif 138503 Galaxies Possibly Containing Black Holes, 13-Jan-97, Hubble
blkhole.gif 158816 Hubble image of a potential black hole in galaxy M87
cartcomp.gif 256149 Cartwheel galaxy region + nucleus, 26-Nov-96, Hubble
cartknot.gif 242591 Cartwheel galaxy detail with comets, 26-Nov-96, Hubble
cartwhee.gif 309297 Cartwheel galaxy collision in constellation Sculptor, Hubble
dirbe.gif 124860 Diffuse infrared background of the full sky, 9-Jan-98, COBE
fbgalax.gif 237564 Faint blue early irregular galaxies by Hubble
galaxevc.gif 205768 Galaxies, Snapshot sequence in time, Hubble images
galbldb.gif 219140 Galaxy building blocks, Hubble, 4-Sep-96
hdfdtl.gif 452317 Sample galaxies from Hubble's deepest-ever view, 15-Jan-96
hdfhizc.gif 46397 Distant Galaxy Candidate in the Hubble Deep Field, 26-Jun-96
hdfwf3.gif 423037 Several hundred never before seen galaxies, Hubble, 15-Jan-96
ic5152.gif 45911 Local group galaxy in Indus at over 2 million light years
m31c.gif 173757 3-frame double nucleus in spiral galaxy Andromeda M31
m51nuc.gif 292997 Nucleus of Whirpool Galaxy M51, Hubble 24-Apr-94
m84stis.gif 108848 A black hole's signature in galaxy M84, Hubble, 12-May-97
mdsgalax.gif 163154 Medium Deep Survey of galaxies with peculiar shapes, Hubble
n40389d.gif 258746 Colliding galaxies NGC 4038 and NGC 4039, details, 21-Oct-97
n40389w.gif 211931 Colliding galaxies NGC 4038 and NGC 4039, 21-Oct-97
ngc1365.gif 193943 A barred spiral Galaxy NGC1365 in Fornax cluster, Hubble
ngc2363.gif 180303 Star-forming region in Galaxy NGC 2366, Hubble 14-Oct-96
ngc253.gif 193759 Starburst spiral galaxy NGC 253 at 8 million l-years, HST
ngc4261c.gif 102623 Dust disk around a black hole in core of Galaxy NGC4261
ngc4639.gif 151195 Galaxy NGC4639 in the Virgo cluster, Hubble, 9-May-96
ngc4881.gif 169583 Distant, elliptical NGC 4881 galaxy in Coma Cluster, Hubble
ngc604.gif 272276 Starbirth region NGC604 in neighboring Galaxy M33, 7-Aug-96
ngc6251.gif 174808 Galaxy nucleus with bright black hole, Ground vs. Hubble
ngc7252.gif 206696 Core of galaxy NGC 7252 with a mini-spiral of gas and stars
pks2349b.gif 132674 A luminous quasar and a companion galaxy, 19-Nov-96, Hubble
prc9821w.gif 248589 A bright ring of starbirth at Galaxy NGC 4314, 11-Jun-98
prc9826a.gif 214197 Distant Galaxy Cluster, MS1054-0321, 19-Aug-98, Hubble
prc9827.gif 319000 Far-flung galaxy clusters, 1998, Hubble
prc9828.gif 190628 NGC7742 galaxy, Hubble Heritage Team, 21-Oct-98
prc9832a.gif 132668 Deepest view of the universe, 8-Oct-98, Hubble
prc9842.gif 215085 Galaxy NGC 253, 3-Dec-98, Hubble Heritage
prc9902.gif 246161 Deep infrared and visible galaxies, Hubble, 7-Jan-99
qsohosts.gif 166596 Quasar PG 0052+251 at core of a galaxy, 19-Nov-96, Hubble
stbirth.gif 259191 Active Galaxy Centaurus A, 14-May-98, Hubble
wfpc-01.gif 113390 Hubble Space Telescope: Galaxy M100, before/after
wfpc-02.gif 118321 Hubble Space Telescope: Spiral galaxy M100
ynggals.gif 276229 Young Galaxy Building Blocks, Hubble, 4-Sep-96
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.