Name Size Description
9810w.gif 252496 Serendipitous asteroid finds, 5-Mar-98, Hubble
castalia.gif 70813 Radar data based computer images of the asteroid Castalia
comet460.gif 109980 A nice comet image, Comet Kohoutek 1973
dru38.gif 222727 Hale Bopp, 20-Mar-97, Tele 300mm, Col Druscie Obs., A.Dimai
gaspra.gif 174612 About 18km of asteroid 951 Gaspra Oct 29, 1991
gaspra5.gif 96251 Asteroid Gaspra compared with Phobos and Deimos
halebopp.gif 94695 Comet Hale-Bopp ejects material, 5-Oct-95, Hubble
hb9596.gif 129665 Eight Hubble images of comet Hale-Bopp 26-Sep-95 to 23-Sep-96
hyakutak.gif 131139 Comet Hyakutake by Hubble 27-Mar-96, H.Weaver and NASA
ida.gif 114136 Asteroid Ida image by Galileo spacecraft
idamnclr.gif 33364 Galileo probe color image of asteroid Ida and moon
idamoon.gif 44422 Asteroid 243 Ida with a moon by Galileo spacecraft
idamoon2.gif 23608 Blurred closeup of asteroid Ida's 1.5 km moon
lane8.gif 136056 Comet Hyakutake by David Lane, 25-Mar-96
presspho.gif 38423 Press release of Hale-Bopp, Isaac Newton Telescopes
vesta24.gif 223064 A 24-image Hubble series of rotation of asteroid Vesta
vestamet.gif 387542 A laboratory photo of a fragment of meteorite Vesta
west.gif 111147 Comet West showing a distinct tail against stars
west2.gif 62798 Comet West above the horizon, a beautiful photo
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.