Name Size Description 8529 eXceptional REName, move+rename file, rename directory 128660 Controlled Copy v1.08 for DOS and
Windows 95. The most versatile file
copier/mover available! Fast, easy to
use, compatible and powerful.

Free space checking, fastest file
copying speeds, unlimited source masks,
progress indicators, maximum file
security, full 4dos compatibility,
online help, an easy, fast user
interface and much, much more.

New features include multiple
destinations and permanently valid
registrations. 29467 Copy files, move files, special options, P.Taylor 22559 DDT 1.6
the comfortable file
backup program for all DOS
computers. Speed-optimized
version. Shareware
(c)1996 Markus Hahn 13156 DDT 1.9a

The comfortable file copy
program for DOS in a new
Now very fast copying
and drive clearing.
Shareware version

(c)1995 AtmuteSoft 60951 DISK FULL 2.0 fill disks up to the last sector.
Can copy files with the ablity to fill disk at
Very good to make backup e than restore
using normal dos command like COPY & XCOPY
Use it instead of dos command while copying on
disk drive.
Completely new interface with windows & buttons,
on line help and faster.
Very easy to use with its full color interface
Avaible in INGLISH & ITALIAN language.
Disk full 2.0 (c) Claudio Roberti 1994 62192 A Directory-Oriented CoPy, processed by R.Bixler w/C 42371 Copy files fitting with Knapsack to least diskettes (good) 99246 FILL.EXE (2001.03): Program designed
to move files off to floppy
diskettes, taking the biggest files
first and skipping those that won't
fit. Also works fine for transfers
to/from DOS-compatible networks,
removable drives, etc. Also
supports splitting large files,
creating a status report, and other
features. Freeware.
Bruce Guthrie / Wayne Software 14641 ICopy v1.21 'cause xcopy doesn't! 23524 Copy files onto multiple discs, J.Lanceley 13059 File copying on multiple discs, M.Hahn 32589 Move/copy/append multiple files by wildcard patterns 26885 Copy updated files, P.Taylor 16873 OCP 1.1 copy command optimizer

OCP is a program that optimize
the use of the Dos copy command
so that the destination drive
will be full filled. 122494 PCOPY version 9.3D from Norm Patriquin
PCOPY is the ultimate COPY program - a
super advanced alternative to the DOS
COPY command. PCOPY will copy, move,
split files, copy files with a certain date,
and much more. The only way that you will
believe it is to see it! Now with Last Access
Date Support! 96572 --------------- QUIKCOPY v3.41 --------------
- -
- Quick file and diskette copier for DOS. -
- Copy or move any files and/or directories -
- in batches (including system or hidden). -
- One-pass diskette copying of ANY format! -
- Maximal usage of available memory. -
- Diskette image-files, batch-copying, -
- formatting and verification supported. -
- Multitasker and disk-cache friendly! -
- "Locked" destination directories are -
- supported when copying subdirectories. -
- Maximal filling of diskettes, including -
- subdirectories and file-splitting! -
- Overwrite-checking and copy-prompting. -
- -
- View FEATURES.LST for more features. -
- -
- Bug-fix release. -
- -
-------- Another great utility from ---------
--------------- RJS Software ---------------- 187536 Super Copy 20464 Copy, move, update, break concat. By name,date etc. (good) 25654 Copy files with read-after-write CRC verification 7485 Multi-featured copy utility v1.0 by Greg + Nancy Todd 52094 TurboCopy 2.03C is an ultra fast file copy program. It humiliates
programs like DOS 6.2's xcopy and many other popular copy programs. It's
most striking features are: (1) the ability to process multiple source
and destination floppies, all the time sorting files so as to minimize
the amount of wasted floppy space; (2) a built in floppy writeback cache
to minimize disk accesses and speed the process up to 100% or more; (3)
the ability to slice ("splitcopy") files normally too large to fit on a
floppy; (4) configurability; (5) an attractive and informative display;
and many more- all for under 30K. TurboCopy is an absolute must for
anyone who hates shovelling around data, and hates it even more to wait.
NEW! Version 2.03C offers enhanced listfile handling ability, just what
software publishers need to create their distribution disks. TC can now
be used to copy to multiple destinations at the same time. When compared
to eleven other popular copy programs, TC came out tops! Best of all,
registration for life is a miniscule $10! 1243831 A Logical Extension to XCOPY, 16/32, freeware, Pixelab 46199 ZCOPY V3.5 - XCOPY replacement,
copies whole directories and/or
files, can skip same files,
copies attributes/date and time,
copies read/only, hidden and
system files, synchronize dirs,
conditional date/time copy, and
gives more information about the
copy process. *FREEWARE*
Copyright (C) 1993-97 C. Buijs
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.