Name Size Description 10805 Addpath v1.02 MS-DOS Path modifier 6039 APPend to ENVironment 11219 Make Dos path command almost twice as big 10065 Bset v1.10; big SET environment 11686 Extend path in environment limit (req's DOS 3.30) 26678 Sets path variables longer than 128 bytes 5230 Systems environment editor (EE) (good) 7483 Full screen easy to use Environment EDitor, J-S Yih. 13492 Dos environment editor (edit path) 7357 Set an environment variable 4507 Set environment size 10247 C code to read/change/create Environment variables 18361 Export errorlevel to environment variable, Z.Jiang 59534 A full screen Environment Editor by Eric C. Weaver 14395 Extends path length and modifies environment, S.Besso 558 Open up to "FILES=" files (DOS 3.3) (no documents) 607 Open up to "FILES=" files (DOS 3.00 - 3.20) (no docs) 9615 Put information in environment variables 4451 I wonder what this can do more than SET 9180 Push/pop the current environment variables (w asm) 6535 DOS env var setter, reads from STDIN, K.Tart 74025 Setenv + eval environment variables (w C) 28489 Environment setting utilities (DOS 3.1 - 3.3) 4619 General set parent environment variables, J.R.Stockton 107426 XSET: EASY solution to enhance batch files.
Put ANYTHING you want in environment variable
*Catch output of any command or program.
*High-level user interface: line-edit, colors
windows, boxes, time-out, default values,...
*Built-in commands to modify strings: search,
subst, lower/upper, substring, regular expr.
*Calculation, system data: date/cpu, filename
*Manage var. (like PATH) longer than 128 char
*And much more ! (password, random, ...)
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.