Name Size Description 1527844 SwordSearcher v2.0 - King James Bible search
utility and reader, in an easy-to-use, mouse
driven, no nonsense environment. Gives you
maximum searching control. Configure case
sensitivity, boolean logic, whole words or
partial words, multiple search words and
phrases and more. Has an integrated read
mode for Bible browsing. Save or print all
text. A valuable study aid for any Bible
student or researcher. UNCRIPPLED shareware.
Requires: 386 or better CPU, 1 meg XMS,
mouse, 2 megs hard drive space, VGA. 351368 ADVANCED ENGLISH COMPUTER TUTOR (AECT v3.3)
Program to Learn Advanced English.
Fully compatible with XT/286/386/486/Pentium
TXT/EGA/VGA/SVGA;DOS 3.1+ or Windows 3.1& 95
(AECT) is an INTERACTIVE tutorial that
teaches you SUBTLETIES of the English
language. The program is significantly useful
for those who have a good command of English,
yet find certain features of the language
somewhat puzzling. 469723 Pre-calculus / calculus mathematics quiz, sw 266643 Accounting Tutorial and Practice System, A.Danyshchuk 82064 Computer Assisted Examination, Carl David 387472 1992 World Fact Book menu driven Reader with data base 1/2 357721 1992 World Fact Book menu driven Reader with data base 2/2 709949 Educational program to test your knowledges, T. Martin 718283 Tutorial teaching basics of statistics by J.Hattie 41518 Chord + Scale utility for guitar, A.Teig (nice) 295322 DC Circuits Training System v2.00 (ESC)
13 exercises to help you learn or teach
electricity or electronics. Features random
problem generation, extensive graphics,
context sensitive help, and instant scoring.
Supports mouse, EGA and VGA graphics.
Suitable for use in high school, college, and
trade school. By C. E. Ormon. $29.00 single
copy, site licenses available at reduced
prices. 248077 Digital Challenge v2.00 (ESC) A
training software system for teaching and
learning electronics and computer hardware
theory. Consist of 10 exercises which are
automatically graded on-line. Some exercises
have context sensitive help. Each use of an
exercise has random parameters selected for
problems. Suitable for use in high school,
college, and technical intitute levels. 13048 Number of electrons in each element, elementary, J.Guillory 13446 Fog Finder v1.0; improve your writing for readability 9780 Advice for undergraduates considering graduate school 99225 Kansainvälinen tilinpäätöskäytäntö luentoja, E.Peill 95982 Typing tutor with several keyboards, freeware, good, Z.Huang 155021 THE LOST CHURCHILL LIBRARY 1.0. Part 1
of Winston Churchill's Revolutionary War
novel, "Serapis: Caught By The Tide"--
illustrated with 150 color PCX files.
Modernized and adapted for readers,
students, and teachers of American
history. Also shows how to save
America's history classics in computer
format. Requires 512K, hard disk, and
EGA/VGA. Freeware. 278294 THE LOST CHURCHILL LIBRARY 1.0. Part 2
additional chapter files for Churchill's
Revolutionary War novel, "Serapis:
Caught By The Tide"--illustrated with
150 color PCX files. Modernized and
adapted for readers, students, and
teachers of American history. Also
shows how to save America's history
classics in computer format. Requires
512K, hard disk, and EGA/VGA. Freeware. 218419 Math made easy, by Ray Zimmerman, heavy nag! 28953 Elementary Math Problem Generator, printer output, J.Pirog 77053 Medical terminology tutorial and quiz, shareware 42834 * Memorize * v2.00 - Study aid for
students. Asks you a question and
prompts for a response. NEW in this
version - time quiz sessions, case
sensitivity, Partial credit for
Registered users, More! (SHAREWARE) 86129 * "OcrPro" an Optical Character Recognition program based on the center of
gravity algorithm with step by step recognition, so that the student can
observe each of the main phases for recognition (Preprocessing,
normalization, segmentation, etc.) SOURCE CODE INCLUDED.
See also COGOCR.EXE which accepts input from *.TIF files. 81627 Operatiivisen laskentatoimen harjoitukset, J.Oja-Kaukola 231894 PC Piano Teacher, B.Lockrey 76240 Tutor for polynomials and finding real roots 19272 Quiz v2.7; a vocabulary quiz program and more 162028 PC-Quizzer, B.Lockrey 154286 Shareware version of Total Recall educational program 316078 Verbal Vanquish v2.3 The Strategic
SAT/ACT/GRE tutor that can really improve
your score on entrance exams. 12 lessons
emphasize STRATEGY, not boring drill.
Includes strategic word list and shows how
this can improve your SAT score
incrementally. Author is award-winning
teacher whose students have averaged 70 point
increase in SAT Verbal scores after lessons.
Vanquish your anguish with Verbal Vanquish. 105084 School timetable manager for teachers 772523 Sign Friends to teach sign language, freeware, F.O'Gorman 79541 Programmable SIMple COMputer with Assembler, P.Hewitt 183656 SKILLAB2: An English Skills Laboratory. Con-
tains modules for private self-training.
Current modules: Recognizing word roots,
Using correct words, and Spelling difficult
words. Additional modules are in production.
Quick starting, self-evident operation.
Compatible with: early PC's, color/monochrme,
and DOS. Can be accessible from Windows.
KEYS: Education,Adult,Home,Skill,English,XT
Author: SKILLWARE, Version 2.0; Aug 1995. 621596 STORYMAKER+ VGA v1.0 - New VGA version of
Storymaker+. Multimedia kit for children,
parents, schools & writers. Create & read
interactive storybooks w/ animation,music,
speech & sound. Compile stories into perso-
nalized,stand-alone programs. Easy-to-use,
full-featured scenery & animation editors,
animated piano for music & sound effects,
text editor & fonts,book editor. VGA,640K,
hard disk,mouse,Sound Blaster compatible
card. Low registration cost. 311112 SPELLBOUND! Spelling tutor for children 9804 Speed reading exercising program, M.Herron 90789 Computer-based teaching tool for statistical concepts 12429 Study helper. Asks questions randomly + gives answers + scores 736165 - Introduction to SchoolWrite SCHOOL
ADMINISTRATION system. The introduction majors on
Students & Parents screens, with interactive
exploration including desk-top aids, on-line
documentation, and screen viewing of sample

SchoolWrite STUDENTS Shareware keeps academic
records, and provides printouts for all classroom
requirements (= Other SchoolWrite
modules are in and 729728 - LEDGER and PAYROLL (MSDOS) is
self-installing, has on-line documentation, and
desk-top aids, and may be used with SchoolWrite
school administration software.

SW LEDGER is easy-to-use accounting for non
accountants, with variable chart of accounts, quick
account inquiry, P & L and Balance Sheet, and
tailored reporting.

SW PAYROLL allows multiple cost centres, leave
accrual, direct entry electronic bank transfer, and
automatic income tax calculation for Australia, or
tax override for other countries. Features include
multiple superannuation contributions, and On-screen
preview of Payslips.

SW CREDITORS is an Accounts Payable system which
allows the monitoring of Cash Flow requirements for
payment of all outstanding accounts. Checks and/or
Remittances may be optionally printed, and their
layouts are easily adjusted to suit user stationery
(or letterhead). History of Creditors invoices and
payments is kept for as long as required. 1421488 - SchoolWrite SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION is
used by K-12 administrators and teachers to maintain
academic records of STUDENTS, provide printouts for
class and school requirements, PLUS print TIMETABLES
for teachers students and rooms, to bill school FEES
to PARENTS and follow up overdue fees, to prioritize
future ENROLLMENTS, and to track PAST STUDENTS.

All SW software (MSDOS) is self-installing, has
on-line documentation, and desk-top aids. is integrated with SW Money LEDGER,
PAYROLL, and CREDITORS software ( 55982 Basic calculus on standard functions, W.Klingens 57755 TestPRO v2.0 test generation program (good) 186404 Torganal is a shareware program for teaching
qualitative organic chemistry analysis. It
is for use at early university level as a
pre-laboratory exercise. The major aim is to
encourage students to develop a logical
approach by allowing them to explore the
interrelationships between tests, and between
tests and revealed data (including spectra). 26443 Turing machine simulator v1.0 by K.Dahlhausen 62048 Turing Machine simulator with program editor by J.Kennedy 56466 A beginner's type-it quiz to MS-DOS with 66 tasks 88360 GREAT course in TOUCH TYPING (v5.20)!
For novices AND for advanced typists.
Exercises with separate characters,
words and sentences, if desired
with your OWN external ASCII files!
An accent generator is included!
Typemate is a menu-orientated course
for people from 8 to 88 years old.
It's really great, so PLEASE TRY IT!
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.