Name Size Description 42446 ACE v1.24; editor 77415 ACiDDraw v1.20 is the latest drawing utility
which allows creation and manipulation of
ANSI/ASCII images. ACiDDRAW now supports
and PCBOARD save formats. Also featured is
up to four editing pages at 1000 lines each,
160 column editing mode, VGA previewing,
text justification, and much, much more.
Try it for yourself!
Copyright ACiD Productions TM 1994-1997 97995 AE - Another Editor v1.7 (w TP) 47363 Alan's Text Editor v1.53 (was heavily discussed in cbip.d) 668624 AURORA v3.0c - One of the finest text editors
available. Blazing speed, superb interface,
Huge capacity to 1 Gigabyte, 16k line length.
Syntax highlighting for over 20 languages.
Easy-to-use colorized Macro language with
more than 15000 lines of macros, integrated
File manager, Directory tree, Live wordwrap,
Undo-redo, Hex mode, Win95 long names, Folds,
Multi-file search/replace, real tabs, popular
Emulation styles, extremely Configurable! 346379 The Bingo Text Editor v4.00
Complete text editing system, featuring
XMS/EMS/Disk virtual memory for files larger
than memory, a C-like extension language
(CHESS), 2048-level undo, Syntax High-
lighting (NEW!), customizable menus (NEW!),
multi-file, multi-window, menus, mouse
support, completely configurable, and more.
Well suited for general editing tasks and
programming. Author: C. Schanck. $40/$75. 27095 Text formatting filter incl right justification, B.Babb 141856 Black Beard programmer's editor v7.46 429142 BOXER/DOS Text Editor 7.0b, top rated!
Powerful editing capability in an easy to use
package. Syntax highlighting, column blocks,
undo & redo, global search & replace, macros,
WP, keyboard reconfig, large screen support,
brace matching, ASCII chart, multi-base
calculator & much more! Boxer was voted "Best
Major Application" at the Shareware Industry
Awards. Keen attention to detail is apparent
throughout. Shareware $50-89. 317106 Breeze v5.6: Word processor/Text editor
BREEZE is an easy to use word processor/text
editor that does everything you ever wanted
of a text processing program, with pop-up
hypertext help, multi-menu environment, make
electronic books, multi-edit, clipboard,
spell checker, print spooling, calculator,
text readability, sorting, columns, full
block operations, fast formatting, many
print options. And much more. 26391 Two Brief-editor macros for Pascal programming, R.Loewy 39697 Calvin (formerly Free VI) v2.1, 5125 Instructions for the cwp Chinese word-processor 385290 CC-DOS compatible Chinese word processor (works?) 14353 Colorado State Editor v3.10; replace EDLIN 1057565 Demacs v1.2.0 DOS version of GNU Emacs 64759 Demacs v1.2.0 Read Me files; DOS version of GNU Emacs 655077 Demacs v1.2.0 source; DOS version of GNU Emacs 165897 Not GNU Emacs editor, smaller and lighter, beta, J.Melbin 29884 Make and handle text file block graphics, J.Kiernan 131210 Simple full-screen editor for programmers 106972 E4-Deluxe editor v2.04 - Efficient interface.
User Definable Pull-Down Menus. Mouse/SVGA
support. Outlining (even programs). Load
wildcards, edit many files. Search Replace
across multiple files. Full help. Resume
Mode. Editable Traceable Macros. Compile from
editor, Swap to disk/XMS. Redefine keyboard.
Extension specific options. ASCII, Color,
Error, Keycode tables. Line Draw. Rectangular
Blocks. Live wordwrap. Timed Backups. 87704 E4 EDITOR v2.04 - Efficient interface.
Mouse/SVGA support. Outlining (even
programs). Load wildcards, edit many files.
Search Replace across multiple files. Full
help. Resume Mode. Editable Traceable Macros.
Compile from editor, Swap to disk/XMS.
Redefine keyboard. Extension specific
options. ASCII, Color, Error, Keycode tables.
Line Draw. Rectangular Blocks. Live wordwrap.
Timed Backups. Only 40K! 33275 Unixish Ed for MS-DOS 31493 Text EDIT v2.51 82995 EDWIN v1.5c; editor 102275 Easy Edit v1.1 with many features (good) 105257 EasyFold v1.1 folding editor (good) 58880 TP7 IDE like multi-file menued text editor, J.Solorzano 223872 Elvis, the editor. Is a clone of vi/ex. S.Kirkendall 106465 ETDE v1.9 the esperanto edition of the Thomson-Davis editor 763355 EASY WORD V 10 Easy to use Word Processor
which includes spell checker line drawing
macros and inbuilt backup system. Easy Word
will batch print odd and even pages separat
ely for double sided printing. There is
also a secure erase facility for classified
documents. Requires 16Mhz or faster.
Registration 15 8306 Small ASCII editor similar to TED v1.0 80075 Fred's multiwindow editor with mouse based on TurboVision 127047 FED 2.0 a shareware folding text editor, S.Hargreaves 301086 Galaxy v3.0 word processor 69309 ICHI programmer's editor 123339 A 32-bit MS-DOS editor, freeware, reqs 386+, VGA, I.Gay 84003 Jonathan's Own Version of Emacs v4.14 (Unix doc) 97292 Jonathan's Own Version of Emacs 797111 Emacs like editor with complete sources, J.Davis 102399 Kamas v2.40 outline processor (good) 36435 Word processing for kids, S.Nolte (nice) 38111 Mat Editor 223960 Multi-Edit Lite, programmer's text editor 123439 Small but powerful editor for MS-DOS, Unix, VMS (incl.source) 26265 MOKE v1.1 - Mark's own Kanji Editor (17 Apr 1990) 58375 MOKE v1.1 - Mark's own Kanji Editor (17 Apr 1990) 133323 MOKE v1.1 - Mark's own Kanji Editor (17 Apr 1990) 156252 MOKE v1.1 - Mark's own Kanji Editor (17 Apr 1990) 118119 MOKE v1.1 - Mark's own Kanji Editor (17 Apr 1990) 210449 MOKE v1.1 - Mark's own Kanji Editor (17 Apr 1990) 196270 MOKE v1.1 - Mark's own Kanji Editor (17 Apr 1990) 171279 Mind Reader v2.00 (word complete funct.) (interesting) 367919 NE v3.00B FREEWARE text editor with ALL
the features. From GDSOFT. (stands for
NO EDLIN EVER !!) Very good and
small Editor with WORDWRAP and SPELL
CHECKING !! A TOTAL replacement for
EDLIN and DOS EDIT (UGH !!). Can edit
MULTIPLE files, has block commands,
justify, search, replace and ALL of
the features that you expect in a
decent editor. It is VERY FAST and
small and FREE !! Works GREAT on
laptops too !! (c) 1993,1995 GDSOFT 302074 A high performance text editor for
programmers and general use. Edit 10 files;
28/43/50 modes; File wildcards, pick lists
and browse; compile and run apps; On line
calc,ASCII tables,calendar & help;Super fast
screens; Kbd. macros; std. editing funcs.
+many others; Block cut,copy paste & fmt and
columns; Autosave; Clock, Alarm, Spooler;
Regular expr S & R; {} match; Configurable.
+more! Full doc. ASP accredited. Australian. 1407964 NJSTAR Chinese Word Processor v3.1 (Big5)
Features an intelligent PinYin input with
dynamic sorting by character frequency, and
other 20 Chinese input methods. Includes an
online Chinese-English dictionary with 45000
entries. Reads GB,HZ,ZW &BIG5. Prints to any
LaserJet, Postscript and 9/24 pin compatible
printers. Creates powerful macros; Edits
multiple files. Generates PCX file for FAXing
Supports 13,000 Big5 & 6700 GB Characters. 1564657 NJStar(tm) Japanese Word Processor v3.1j
Features a Kana-Kanji input via Romaji with
automatic kana->kanji lookup, very easy to
use. Provides Japanese<->English lookup with
Jim Breen's dictionary. Prints to LaserJet,
Postscript and EPSON/IBM compatible printers.
"NJSTAR demonstrates itself to be the most
usable Japanese word processor for DOS, and
it is excellent buy for anyone with a PC and
an interest in Japanese." --- MANGAJIN 1077804 Oemacs v1.00 (Mar 31, 93) works in a Windows DOS box 1089359 Oemacs v1.00 (Mar 31, 93) works in a Windows DOS box 1094308 Oemacs v1.00 (Mar 31, 93) works in a Windows DOS box 719363 Oemacs v1.00 (Mar 31, 93) works in a Windows DOS box 111171 Outline processor with integrated text editor, D.Toliver 109897 MS-DOS "E" editor, clone of IBM's "E" series, T.Steiner 64534 A folding editor (nice idea) 116737 PC-Outline; outlining and planning program v3.34 (old, good) 63036 Fully implemented TECO for the PC by M.North 337128 PEDIT 4.00 - short for Program Editor,
is similar to the DOS EDIT program, but
more powerful, and with many additional
features for programmers. It includes
pop-up tables, column support, macro
key, undo, copy & paste to other Windows
applications, long filenames, word wrap,
spell checker, thesaurus, HTML support,
and much more. Freeware.
(C)1995-1999 by Goldshell Digital Media. 10529 Pro-Ed full-featured programmer's editor (65K limit) 13096 Restores the screen on program exit 22720 Quick Note editor (good) 132145 Ravitz editor v1.00 52285 Russian word processor (great) 1269730 Elips v1.0 Russian editor 343364 SEDIT v1.10 Text editor with spelling check.
Perfect for use with an offline mail reader.
Includes: 4 resizeable windows, online help,
50,000 word spelling dictionary, autoindent,
redefineable keys, search & replace, macros,
print functions, pull-down menus, word wrap,
block commands, macros & more. Easy to use
and learn. Written by author of SPEED READ. 20472 SHH ED texteditor, wordstar command set, S.Huseby 144549 'Shorty' v1.00 editor (test version) 91613 Editor with accelerated smooth scrolling, Nag 165916 Mega-Star MS-DOS and Unix text editor, B.Schmitt 93478 EdIt! v1.1 -- A fast, windowed, mouseable
replacement for DOS's EDIT command. Ideal
for BAT and text files under 64k, especially
on networks: no more walking around to update
users' files! Program size is less than 76k.
Features: open multiple files (with wild-
cards!) and preset groups of files, wordwrap,
LANtastic support, desktop save & restore,
mono colors option, variable right margin &
tabs and more. By Steve Yates, $20. 112227 Tech-Edit; Technical editor v2.5 16159 Texrep v.1.2 - Text search-and-replace for
files with a simple command line syntax:
"texrep old:new stale:fresh myfile.doc"
changes 'old' to 'new' and stale to fresh.
To remove ctrl-z: "texrep \26: myfile".
Can display ASCII/numeric table. Free. 115842 Thumb Print Software's Electric Typewriter 182061 TurboPower Software; programmer's editor (good) 27707 A tiny (4096 bytes) editor v1.4 201871 TSE JR v4 - Multi-file, multi-window,
compact DOS text editor. Column blocks;
access to Windows Clipboard; keyboard macros;
variable, smart, and fixed tab support; sort
utility; synchronized scrolling; basic word-
processing features. Configurable, including
keyboard, colors, and initial settings. Over
130,000 licensed users in 95+ countries! 76321 SED v2.0; unixish stream line editor for MS-DOS 32721 Screenplay macros for VDE v1.64 156574 VDE 1.8F is a small, fast, powerful DOS text
editor with many unusual word processing
features. Multiple files, windows; auto
format; macros; menus or WordStar commands;
multiple file formats; many printing features;
extensive customization; and much more. Ideal
editor to shell from applications, for Email
and other simple writing tasks, or for use on
portable, even palmtop, computers. Shareware.
Registered users get a spelling checker. 223902 Viet v1.6 a Vietnamese Text Editor 286398 Vim, Vi IMproved, 16 bit text editor, B. Moolenaar 460346 Vim, Vi IMproved, 32 bit text editor, B. Moolenaar 408898 Vision Edit v3.5 text editor (TP IDE resembling interface) 117181 The WED Text Editor v4.11 by Mason Washington 38067 Wsed v1.02 simple stream editor (find + replace) 463252 NotGNU Emacs for DOS, Win3, NT, J.Melbin 73730 Xvi editor documents (derived from Stevie) vi clone 66903 Xvi editor executables
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.