Name Size Description 73724 Dos 3.3 help function 117974 Hypertext explanation of changes in MS-DOS 5 (good) 535667 is a tutorial for learning
essential DOS commands.It can be used by
both beginners and more advanced DOS users.
Using a mouse, you can navigate through the
various DOS commands and get examples of each
one, with pop-up help balloons that explain
each example. An "I want to..." section helps
you decide which DOS command you need to
accomplish a given task. This version gives you
the ablity to shell to DOS to practice a command.
Pegasus Software 11188 Dos manual for beginners. printable 149820 DOS Summary hypertext tutorial and reference (good) 12410 MS-DOS help, old 64497 Help for MS-DOS help (not the latest) (good) 91738 Help/pop-help for Dos commands 78365 A user reference help for Ms-Dos v3.0 (req's 34926 Helpdos textfile 270037 DOS 3.x, 4.x, OS/2 thorough help utility (VAX/VMS-like) 447188 A freeware hypertext MS-DOS 6.2 minicourse, Tom Simondi 116471 Online document manager, like unix man, S.Herbert 24773 User definable popup help program 102226 Create + compile own help screens
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.