Name Size Description 219009 Newsgroup alt.comp.virus FAQ hypertext, David Harley 21986 Archie man page; archive site indexes database 70594 x86 Assembly Language FAQ, html version, Raymond Moon 58379 x86 Assembly Language FAQ, text version, Raymond Moon 13481 The Bincancel FAQ by Shaun Davis-Gluyas
bitftp.hlp 9098 BitFtp information and help file 36001 Frequently asked questions about calendars, Claus Tondering 21397 The results of the comp.archives.msdos votes (9-Dec-92) 17168{announce,discuss} creation stages
cbipbegm.txt 11818 Beginner's Guide to Binaries (CBIP) V1.5 (29-Nov-94)
cbipchar.txt 1939 newsgroups charters (29-Nov-94)
cbipftpm.txt 6973 CBIP beginner's Guide to FTP V1.7 (1-Oct-92)
cbipstar.txt 59862 UseNet CBIP Starter's Kit 2.0 (31-Jan-94)
cbipsubm.txt 5146 CBIP Submissions and Posting Policy (29-Nov-94)
chain.txt 3404 About chain letters, from the U.S. postmaster general
chain2.txt 2649 More on chain letters, written by R. Scott Perry 35780 Compilers, interpreters, and other free language tools 16326 Moderated* creation information 18154 Vote results of the comp.lang.pascal.delphi.* newsgroups 57511 This is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list from the
comp.os.msdos.programmer. This covers many topics related
to programming for the Microsoft MS-DOS operating system
and Intel x86 compatible computers. 4815 FAQ for news:alt.comp.shareware, Robert Lindsay Wells 111011 Frequently Asked Questions of comp.compression, J.Gailly 14072 Frequently Asked Questions of old comp.lang.pascal, J.Shemitz 12360 comp.lang.pascal.borland newsgroup Mini-FAQ, P.Scragg
format.inf 9933 Format of Usenet postings by Rahul Dhesi 419977 Anonymous FTP FAQ and Site Listing, Perry Rovers
ftphelp.txt 6523 Ftp information and advice
fyi4txt.gz 21926 No description available. 5447 Internet address two-letter country codes list 664509 HyTelnet, excessive hypertext database of Internet services 323800 List of Internet Interest Group Mailing Lists (Jan 10, 95)
inetmail.inf 11572 Internet-Mail-Guide (all about gateways etc.) 7075 rn newsreader KILL file FAQ from Leanne Phillips 64654 Mike's list 05/08/1995 - A list about internet -
Everything from ftp sites to usenet NNTP servers
is covered.Sites, information, files about email
ftp, fsp, telnet, archie, web, usenet, mailing
lists.You can also find many topics like romance
art and music covered.Updated twice every month. 50787 Naplps on-line graphics format specs
nctuccca.inf 5804 Anonymous FTP Archives Announcement 9976 A short guide to networking and file transmission 217310 Usenet news hypertext generator, requires HLPDK, R.Loewy 203377 Lists of Active Newsgroups, David Lawrence + al. 12617 Vote of news.newusers.questions Q+A for new users of Usenet
nixpub.lst 52598 Open Access UNIX (*NIX) Sites (both fee and no fee) (May 92) 13411 Networking on the network by Phil Agre 424836 This is The Online World resources
handbook version 3.4. It describes the
breadth of the offerings by focusing on
selected applications on major global
networks and services including the
Internet, CompuServe, Fidonet, Usenet,
and BITNET. Perspective is global. It
is an ASCII text file that is suitable
for sending to a printer. 460874 Anonymous FTP Sitelist conversion program, M.Rinfret 52505 Information about the comp.lang.pascal.* newsgroups, S.Moore 117097 A collection of signatures from the Usenet news, T.Salmi 9020 Convert SIMIBM.IDX file into std *.LST (w C) 17050 Information about*, Jeremy Malcolm 68178 USENET Readership report for January 1995, B.Reid 65546 USENET Readership report for March 1995, B.Reid 69502 USENET Readership report for May 1995, B.Reid 32754 USENET Readership report for June 1995, B.Reid 67666 USENET Readership report for July 1995, B.Reid 99851 Usenet Netiquette, creating new newsgroups, etc advice
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.