Name Size Description 7555 Fast Serial Ports (Technical Note by Michael Spalter) 2565 Put 640K on an IBM 256K motherboard 141082 All Seagate hard drive + controller specs (good) 283645 Informational Utility for I/O Card Jumper Setup, K.Noble 11132 Nice intro to CD technology; CD summary 82656 Huge amount of info on math coprocessors for PCs, N. Juffa 13044 Performance comparison 386DX, 38600DX, 486DLC, RapidCAD 4831 FAX Group III definition (CCITT) 9476 List of hard disk data (9 Apr 1990) (great) 2277 Listing of 'IBM' diagnostic error codes (+ meaning) 3079 Listing of IBM PC diagnostic error codes 2253 Text shows RS232C + parallel pins layout 191742 Drive and controller technical guide, R.Falbo (impressive) 578476 (S)VGA programming info+test utility, w/TP, F.Thoegersen 33631 Intro + tutorial to NEC V20/30 - c/g req'd
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.