Name Size Description 35196 Address and birthday reminder v1.0 41039 Almanak; important date reminder program 192331 Ample Notice calendar and reminder (with split screen) 34323 Almost analog clock (w C) (huh?) 102772 Displays a calendar, some lng, Unixish, good, A.Matulich 160520 CalendarMate v4.0 3436 Put a digital clock on the display (w ASM) 11296 Clock is a small TSR program that
displays the current time in the upper
right corner of the screen. It can be
programmed to ring an alarm at a given
time, and can be asked to display the
clock only when a hotkey is pressed
to not disturb others programs output. 28617 The Dates Calculator, Farid Ahmad 10626 DateDog v1.5 reminds you of important dates 11436 Frequency calendar with day search, A.J.Lomoey 27458 Generates the dates of major Christian holidays, A.F.Gurski 157523 Birthday-reminder for home and office. Give
it a snug place in AUTOEXEC.BAT and
forgetting a birthday is a thing of the past!
For use with a stand-alone PC or in a multi-
user network. 169593 PBCal (v1.33) - Calendar/Diary/PIM

Finally, a free-form intuitive PIM
that CREATES order out of chaos. It
will actually manage all schedules,
notify of regularly scheduled events,
update "to-do" lists daily, and will
easily extract and display virtually
any type of information in an organized

Changes: (since 1.30)
Print event notes in reports,
Import file in memo,
Built-in Holidays,
'Insert labels' menu,
Faster encryption.

Shareware (US$ 20) or Cardware!
P.C. Bel, 161916 Personal Calendar v14.10 (clock,cal,remind,notepad) 26881 Finnish version v2.1 of PS calendar 89235 Generate PS file to print calendar v4.0 192815 PcDesk v6.4 - This MS-DOS program generates
Monthly Calendars a Weekly Schedule and Daily
Planners to which you can add memo notes.
Also includes a detailed Address Book. PcDesk
requires a color EGA or VGA monitor, but a
CGA version (ideal for Palmtops) is included.
Mouse is recommended for PcDesk. Full printer
support. On-line instructions. Many program
features can be customized. Shareware. $25 85020 PCLOCK v1.7 - A PC/AT DOS utility to display
an Analog Clock and Monthly Calendar. Can be
called by screen saver programs. Time and
date are set from the system clock. Press any
key or mouse button to exit. Use the DOS
command line to set colors (examples: "pclock
magenta on cyan" or "pclock blue on white").
Requires an EGA or VGA color monitor. Written
by Robert Lindsay Wells. Freeware. 33737 PLANNER v1.0 by Mike Ryan
FREEWARE daily planner type
program. Runs in MSDOS/Win
Read PLAN.DOC for more info. 6939 PS program to print calendars 55762 Reminds users of important dates/events by M.Kabir 133471 Sophisticated calendar/alarm program by D.Scoll 50232 Remind rel 4.9; forget about forgetting 53346 Remind is a program for keeping track of
important dates and events. Put it in
your autoexec.bat to remind you of your
todo's on a particular day. The program
will upon invocation read a script file
to check if there is anything to remind
you about at all. The script file is a
plain ASCII text file, which may be
edited by an ordinary text editor. The
dates you may use include: day (as in
dd.), day+month ( full date
( or by specifying a weekday.
Remind displays a message, say, every
time you need to pay your rent, or to
remind you about your spouse's birthday. 36996 Perpetual Julian-Gregorian-Republican Calendar, R.Sacco 137141 Remind! v1.0 event/appointment reminder 11026 Show current time/date with many options including a clock 75451 CAL 96.09 FREE scheduler for home or office.
Here's a personal or office scheduler that
can be upgraded for network and multiuser
situations. It works with any version of DOS
or WINDOWS, needs mouse and VGA monitor.
Author uses this in his medical practice.
Weekly meetings quickly entered or removed,
searchable for any word or client name, finds
open appointments, prints staff schedules,
schedules staff meetings and serial meetings. 22038 Star Clock 25 v1.11w
VGA required/386 recommended
* telnet to 13
* for current mountain time 325867 Electronic time clock with reminder 47969 "To Do" list manager v3.99a 350201 Personal calendar from TODO Software
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.