Name Size Description 160523 Auto-mate v2.70 menu/file management system 78102 Text listing popular AutoCAD Public Domain
& shareware files by type, with release date
and short description. From EMS Professional
Shareware's Mar'97 CD-ROM. Tel:301-924-3594
4505 Buckhurst Ct., Olney MD 20832-1830 41080 DBF with name, address, phone, fax, email,
bbs, 800, etc. for all known producers of
PD, Shareware, free and commercial products
for use with AutoCAD.
Extracted from EMS Professional Shareware's
Mar'97 CD-ROM Directory. Tel:301-924-3594
4505 Buckhurst Ct., Olney MD 20832-1830 474073 DRAFT Choice for DOS v2.15 Best
Shareware CAD package. Brand new interface
with On-Screen Icons, Multiple Attach Points,
256 Layers, Multiple Views, Bezier/Complex &
Spline curves, Warp/Tween, Multilevel Undos,
Parallel & Perpendicular modes, PCX & WPG
file support, PSP & Plotter output, Multiline
macros, External Line, Fill, and Hatch
pattern files,... 18404 Draft Choice fonts 119858 Digilab is an Object Oriented Digital Circuit Simulator, capable of
simulating almost any digital circuit on the amateur and professional levels.

Platform: DOS

The necessary system requirments for using DigiLab are:
-IBM PC, XT, AT, or PS/2 (all models) or compatible.
-EGA, VGA, or MCGA display card or compatible, or any
other card that allows the redefinition of the character set.
-DOS Version 3.0 or later.
-One 360K or higher diskette drive, or a fixed disk drive.
-At least 512K RAM (available user Memory). 1433495 Digital circuit schematic/simulation/pcb package, 1/2 1443762 Digital circuit schematic/simulation/pcb package, 2/2 187621 Design and manufacturing tool for gears, S. Austin 344789 ProtoCAD 3D - Powerful 3D Modeling and
Rendering for DOS (v2.00). Hundreds of
drawing and editing commands for both 2D and
3D design. Among its many features are TGA,
DXF, PLT Output and DXF, PLT input, for true
flexibility and integration with other
programs. All in a compact, easy-to-use and
amazingly fast DOS program. Combine its
output with StarFlic for excellent
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.