Name Size Description 88335 A list of 9600bps BBSes, Feb 92 17699 AutoBoot for BBS crashes v2.00 (weird documents) 41658 Allfiles v6.2 for Waffle v1.65 207542 BBS-system Aurora v1.34b (swedish version) 135360 BBS-system Aurora v1.34b source 206590 BBS-system Aurora v1.34b (english version) 51319 AVB Auto-verification bulletin board system 413819 BBBS/D v0.29 shareware BBS system 96739 "TheList", a large list of US BBSes 13076 A list of Danish BBSes, 14-Feb-91 59639 BBS Search v2.0 off-line file search 27231 BBSMenu select between different BBS programs 142909 BBS interface System between other pgms v2.0 113572 PCBoard Official World-wide BBS listing (4 Mar 1990) 23232 Use QWK mailreaders to r/w messages by BlueWave mail 74466 BNU rev5 Fossil compatible communications driver v1.70 127304 CheriChat v2.0 a PCBoard 14.5 door 112338 Danmax v1.00 Danish menus etc for Maximus v2.01 85428 Doorway for BBS or remote utility v2.05 93146 DorUtils v1.20 (DorModify,DorGen,DorView) 15889 Waffle support utility 33140 Faqfile util for Waffle v1.65 13473 List of FINNISH 24h BBS's 06.11.02 186588 Echo messages between FidoNet and QWK-type networks 105790 Fnnr v1.00 Fidonet news reader 51619 BBS Text file to Phone Directory Translate Utility 221247 FidoPCB ** Version 1.4 ** Date: 08-18-93
Fido interface for PCBoard. Allows multiple
Nodes, AKA's, AreaFix, Net Mail. Can be run
as a Door. Fast, easy setup. Direct tossing
into PCBoard message format. Supports IM,
FrontDoor, BinkleyTerm , D'Bridge. Supports
PCB 15.0 MSGS.IDX. Shareware by Matjaz Koce. 6455 Gateway v2.00 for BBS 26537 Automated log management from Ken McVay 266996 BBS (don't confuse this one with the MiniBBS) 51482 Maximus BBS file lister 24965 MaintTop v1.00 show up/download and callers stats for Maximus 59830 Info about modem protocols and BBS etiquette 205654 WWIVnet v2.32 documentation (Filo)
netbbsls.gz 1465 No description available. 39942 The FIDO.NET control file 190007 OLGACHES - OLGA CHESS v 1.3.2
Play interactive chess with fellow BBS
users by allowing OLGA to automatically
extract the moves made from your .QWK
mail. Just like Postal Chess except
the pieces do not fall off the board
when you put it through the letterbox. 748836 OLGACTL - OLGA CONTROL CENTRE v1.4
Improve your image, appear on OLGA!
OLGA Applications have designed a unique
system that enables you to play interactive
games by passing the move details through
your existing e-mail system.
Opponents appear on the screen by specially
digitised photographs.
Easy to use, very cheap to register,
fully working version. 310019 OSIRIS SE rev 1.08 BBS 202002 OSIRIS SE rev 1.08 BBS 272524 OSIRIS SE rev 1.08 BBS 214354 OSIRIS SE rev 1.08 BBS 189161 Ouzo software catalog 359654 Phoenix v1.00(gamma) TCP/IP -like FIDO (slip?) conn.mgmt 277496 QRDB is a dBase Compatable Database BBS Door. It
runs as a door or Stand-Alone. Display, Search,
Browse, Build or Edit .DBF and .DBT files. Can
also display flatfiles such as the Darwin BBS
list. When used as a door, DorInfo*.Def or
Door.sys is required. Read and Write security
levels can be set for each database. Text used
in menus and prompts is stored in a .DBF file and
can be edited. 120891 RaChat v1.0; multiline conference package for RemoteAccess 720719 Roboterm v2.70 + Roboboard v1.06 20830 Sapb v1.13 statistics analysis for BBBS type logfiles 65900 U.S. Social Security Number Validator, P.Stira 31367 Utility to aid in selection of files (BBS) 240700 Trivia Challenger door game by Gisle Hannemyr 11514 Conference Descriptions for U'NI-net
incl. Host & Co-Host info. Updated each
Last updated on October 13, 1996. 54599 Information on the U'NI-net
International Echomail
Network. Dossier, application
and node listing. Accepting
applications from BBS systems
compatible with the .QWK/.REP
mail method. Now telnetable
and available on the Internet. 163903 USBBS National BBS Listing for November, 1997.
Listing of Intel-based BBS systems. The
listing contains 4,831 entries with 29 new
or modified entries this month.
Send new entries, updates to:
YCS 813-842-8099
Questions or comments: 72568 USBBSUP: The USBBS National BBS list
remote update program. Allows updates
via Internet Mail. If this program is
more that 3 months old, check for
additional script update programs. 44625 UserEd for BBBS v1.2 edit your BBBSUSR.DAT 545677 WAFFLE BBS for DOS v1.65 (UUCP,MAIL,NEWS,BBS) 18382 WAFFLE utility programs (WUP) v1.00 186369 WWiw BBS documentation 285079 WWivedit v2.5 65072 WWivgate v1.03a 1067 WWivgate information 345389 WWiw BBS Software v4.22 1468 WWiw BBS Software information 1126 WWiw mail information 114229 FOSSIL for Opus and other BBS systems 200206 X_list v2.14 fast file listing generator 137140 X_list v2.15b fast file listing generator (no documents)
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.