Name Size Description 10572 A Pentium FDIV flaw detector returning an errorlevel 80351 ASET stands for Advanced SET command. It is
an alternative to the internal DOS command
SET which modifies shell variables. ASET
contains over 100 built-in functions which
cover the following categories: mathematical
calculations, information about files and
disks, retrieving information from
CONFIG.SYS, string handling, user and file
interaction, time/date handling, and others.

ASET comes with documentation, a quick
reference, the program itself, and seven
example files which may executed with a
batch file. 15165 ASK v1.1b; ask questions in batch files, with time-out 26051 AUTORND v.4.00 PRO! by Arun Bhalla
Compile date: 08/10/94
Randomly runs one of up to 99,999,999 batch
files on execution! A handy utility!
New features include:
Uses no memory * 47% faster than before *
32% smaller 28440 Convert MS-DOS batches to Unix csh scripts, fw, B.Pierpoint 110199 MS-DOS batch files debugger program, Armin Mueller 14861 FidoNet Echo BATPOWER Frequently Asked
Questions, r.0203 in an ASCII text format.
Updated by the moderator as needed. 42013 A kind of a batch user's primer, some useful hints 90041 BATKIT v5.8 - Batch file utilities. GETKEY
displays a message (plain or fancy), gets a
response (255 char max) from user & stores it
in an env. variable or ERRORLEVEL. Many
options-response verify & logging, response
time-out, display formatting & branching, more.
SAVEDIR stores current directory in the env.
& can change drives & directories. WAIT
pauses a batch file. GETSCRN captures text
screens. Shareware $15. 21767 Compile a .BAT file into a .COM file, P.Hintjens 38570 Yet another selection of "standard" utilities 126710 Batch programming messages from the FidoNet Echo 64777 The best of BATPOWER... Oct 96 to Oct 97.
BATPWR03.ZIP is a compilation of msgs
appearing in the FidoNet International echo,
BATPOWER, and represent what Bat Lang
considered the cleverest or most significant
postings during this period. There will be
some repetition/duplication, but also some
real goodies. 113124 Batch utilities (David Kirschbaum) 67584 Utility Belt .BAT file enhancements, M. Garamszeghy 464075 Batch file compiler and language extender, lite version 4051 BOX 1.1 - like ECHO, except also draws
a box around the text May be freely
distributed for non-military use only.
MASM/OPTAsm source included. Usage:

BOX Please insert the yellow diskette.

Leading and trailing blanks are removed
from the string and one blank is added
to each end. The result on the screen

| Please insert the yellow diskette. |

Except it will look better because BOX
uses the line drawing character set. 21857 Ask questions and branch for batch files 70120 Old batch file utilities 6331 Execute a batch from another batch (w C) 25698 Audible and visual alarm for ending a long batch 11200 CDD! 1.2 - an improved Change Directory
command that sets the errorlevel.

The CD command that comes with MS or PC
DOS has four flaws:

1. It does not set the ERRORLEVEL for
Invalid directories.

2. It fails when there is a trailing
backslash on the name.

3. You cannot hide its error messages
with >NUL: redirection.

4. It will not change the drive for
you, just the directory.

CDD! acts just like CD except that it
fixes these four problems. CDD! is
slower since it is must be loaded each
time, whereas CD is internal to DOS.
CDD! similar to 4DOS CDD. MASM/OPTAsm
source included. May be freely
distributed and used for any purpose
except military. 9485 Check current time + date and set errorlevel v1.3 12498 Dat v1.3; display the current time and date 10940 Records and reports DOS errorlevels, D.Bell 41898 Powerful freeware batch processing utility 1942 Free implementation of MS-DOS call function 2883 Batch (4dos) file; faster access to DV convscr util 97713 DosVar 2.00: String-handling for batch files.
Now you can manipulate variables in BAT files
to obtain left and right substrings. You can
perform justification or strip leading zeros.
Published by Pinnacle Software. Call our free
files BBS at 514-345-8654. Open 24 hours per
day. 19200 bps. Download on your first call. 52167 Extended Batch language plus v4.05 981 MS-DOS echo command without the CR/LF 2784 Set errorlevel in batch programs 6617 Enquire 2.5 is a powerful DOS utility that
allows batch files to be interactive. Ask
users Yes or No questions, Menu selections
or input environment variables. Use return
codes to determine actions. (RhizomeWare) 23193 Envimenu v1.1 batch file menu system 19576 Return error level for batches, TifaWARE (w asm) 6672 Set the DOS errorlevel (return code) v1.2 84167 FDATE v9.6a batch-file date manipulation
utility-- everything you'd want to do
with dates in batch files: put the date
of your choice (in format of your
choice) into an environment variable;
numeric & date arithmetic; string
handling; get user input; English,
French, Spanish, German output. V9.6a
includes a minor enhancement to enable
text justification under NT. Freeware. 8737 Checks if files created today exist in directory (w C) 1029 Find CD-Rom drive letters, ret. errorlevel, B.Lagerweij 6664 Interactive batch file utility 118090 GET.EXE Bob Stephan's Batch Enhancer provides
Environment and ErrorLevel services for DOS
BATch files. Full manual included. New
features described in GET27NEW.DOC include
International Dates, mixed case variable
names, sound bytes, test for write protected
diskettes, compare file dates, find boot
drive, special compressed date format, true
file names, logical math functions. and much
more. No nags, no crippling, no delays. 71977 Get environment variable etc in batch, B.Stewart 11293 GRADE 1.3 classifies files by size
as small or large and sets the
errorlevel accordingly. You might say
it separates the sheep from the goats.
It is typically used to trigger
re-building the Magellan primary index
when the secondary index get too big.
MASMASM/OPTAsm source included.
Written by Roedy Green of Canadian Mind
Products. Copyrighted but may be
copied freely for Non-military use
only. Version 1.2 documents the DOS
quirk of treating IF ERRORLEVEL 0 to
mean IF ERRORLEVEL >= 0, which is
always true. 70034 Horst Schaeffer's BATCH/DOS Utilities, V3.1
PACO, LOGECHO, WAIT4, KPUSH and 24 more... 3206 Batch file utility to get console input 2418 ISDATE compares dates including date tags
of files and directories (LFN), and TODAY;
optionally: plus/minus days.
Result by errorlevel 11543 LMOD 1.2 extracts data from STDIN, and
merges with given string, for single line
or range of lines. Can be used to set
environmental variables from DOS output,
generate list of commands, modify lists..
Windows NT/2000 compatible. 5072 Locate v1.0 the cursor (col,row) (trivial) 10697 Write v1.1 (replace DOS echo) to standard output 29589 Make unique filenames for your batch programs
with this helpful utility. MakeName writes a
batch program which sets a variable according
to the date and time. This can then be called
up by a second batch program to create a file
with a unique name. Very useful for creating
programs for backup & export. Shareware from
Pinnacle Software -- creators of the Sapphire
BBS. For support, dial 514-345-9578, or call
our free files BBS at 514-345-8654. 65635 MicroSoft's Undocumented Features, Vol. 1, Nr 7, BatPower 52458 NEED, SNIFF, AVOID 6.4 sysinfo DOS
utilities. Tests for presence of
DESQview, BTrieve, 386MAX, Append,
SMARTDRV, Share, DPMI... Sufficient
free disk, RAM. CPU type. Calendar,
time. Which DOS, Windows version and
many more environmental tests. By
Roedy Green of Canadian Mind Products. 6102 Selective running of programs in autoexec.bat, C.Dunford 4127 13 Best Prompts from PC Computing Mar 1991 Issue (BART!) 184158 DOS + OS/2 source code retrieval system 12969 Push-Pop DOS Drive, Directory, + PATH string, D.Wisan 6268 A collection of funny prompts, needs ansi.sys (or similar) 25936 PUADOS is a set of batch files to enhance
the life of any computer user. Power Users'
Aliases for DOS, as the name implies, are
small utilities which do nothing but save
time. Best of all, all utilities here are
public domain, which means that you are free
to use and modify all of them as you wish.
4D, for example, checks if 4DOS is loaded.
ANSIDET detects if an ANSI driver is
installed. Email PD. 147834 PowerBatch v1.4j; A kind of a batch language plus compiler 292225 This is "THE RUN BATCH RUN BOOK" A comprehensive
collection of Batchprograms, a guide to Batchenhancers,
useful MS-DOS utilities and where on earth you can find
them, a shareware book, version 1.5. It's written for
the beginners, for those who has been working with MS
DOS for awhile and for the experencied user that needs
a reference manual to improve their own programs and for
those who are looking for new ideas. This book is meant
to be a tutorial and reference and is divided into chapters,
so that you can find the information you are looking for.
It's written in ASCII text and it's suitable for sending
it to a printer.

This version is distributed in English. 9621 Batch file utilities: readln + readkey 7944 Batch command to read input from file or keyboard 65026 Environment variable programming language by Ron Bemis 9868 Save current dir to a self restoring batch file v2.4 10171 Save current path setting to a self restoring batch file 69595 THE SECRETS OF BATCH FILES, COLOR, AND MACROS
How To Create 64 Different Color Programs.
Detailed instructions on how to write simple
programs (Batch Files) for color and One-
Keystroke Speed (Macro) Keys. Teaches in
EASY-TO-LEARN LANGUAGE over 100 formulas for
the beginner in computer. Learn how to write
powerful programs that will make the computer
change colors or format or copy a disk.
Shareware ($10) from Pat Ferro. 22202 SETDATE v1.C Batch file enhancer. Parts of
the date and time (selectable) are put in
environment variables. Deterimines if within
a period during a day. Finds future and past
dates for given number of days away. Free. 334329 Batutil/Stackey were called the "ultimate
batch enhancers" by PC Magazine. Stackey 4.0
is a keyboard stuffer with English langauge
syntax, record capability, pauses for text
and more. Batutil 4.0 has a batch language
with single key or full string input, popup
menus and file choice boxes, control of text
color and size. Combined $49 Reg fee. (ASP) 29984 Fast sort of big files, replaces DOS' sort, W.Macchi 114563 Sparkle 4.1 Batch file menus/sound/more!
**Includes Sparkle & Menu Magic (MM). MM
writes batch files for you. Sparkle offers
NINETEEN options to enhance batch files:
into a menu), BIG! FONTS (Print 8-line-high
messages), WINDOWS 250 styles, SOUND EFFECTS
(Over 35), VIEW FILE (in colorful windows),
PROMPTS (4 dynamic prompts), CUSTOM BROADWAY
SCREEN FONTS, and m-u-c-h more! 102144 Collection of mouse/batch/general utilities 14713 Simple backup tape scheduler by R. van Leeuwen 51094 TurboBAT Batch File Compiler 3.24 08/17/94
TurboBAT Creates a .COM program file from a
DOS batch file. Eliminates the need to
distribute batch files with source code.
Registered users do not need to pay royalties
on programs created with TurboBAT. Shareware
registration forms and manual included. From
Foley Hi-Tech Systems (ASP). $19.95 8491 VARSET 1.0 - set environmental variable
with file related data, extract from
filespec, substrings, integer calculation
simple syntax with 16 keywords;
output options. Win NT compatible.
(c) 2001, Horst Schaeffer 537 Bat errorlevel 1-4 for mono,cga,ega,vga 7642 Wait in bat files, more features than pause 23538 The Xtractor, version 1.02 [DOS] [01/01]
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.