Name Size Description 51060 3D Simulation of Gravity, J.Nielsen 96170 Athabasca University Micro-Planetarium
astrobbs.eur 16666 Astronomical bulletin boards in Europe (16 Nov 1992)
astrobbs.txt 38825 The Astronomy/Space BBS list (1 Oct 1991)
astroftp.txt 12842 Astro-ftp list (01 Dec 1992) 42094 Calculate + Animate a binary star system 131414 ------------ Our Cosmohood v2.03 ------------
--- A 3d view of our Cosmic Neighorhood. ----
See and understand our place in the Universe.
View the 2,368 nearest galaxies (data from
the NEARBY GALAXIES CATALOG, by Tully) in 3d.
Comes with demo animation which takes you on
an annotated tour of the largescale structure
of our corner of the universe. Build your own
animations with scripting language.
----------- DOS, runs under Win 3.1 or Win95.
------------- Shareware, US$ 25 registration. 3077928 Deepsky atlas for the PC 1/3, regs VGA, mouse, R.Burke 2765822 Deepsky atlas for the PC 2/3, regs VGA, mouse, R.Burke 955631 Deepsky atlas for the PC 3/3, regs VGA, mouse, R.Burke 41974 3-D diffraction drawing program (binary star) 740188 Esao v1.4 draws maps for whole sky - atlas 103870 A starmap program v8911, reqs EGA 50055 Galilean simulator program 54029 Displays relative positions of Jupiter's Moons 173566 An old demonstration of a cloudless rotating Earth 112679 The Gravitational Simulator; Gravity v2.0 (good) 165791 Astronomy internet_hosts hypertext, M.Esquerdo 340977 Planetary Data System Interactive Image Processing 94424 Impr v1.0 display and analyze CCD images (req's SVGA) 55719 Animation of four of Jupiter's satellites (CGA) 50039 Displays positions of Galilean satellites, G.Nugent 57348 Moon Manager moon map by M.Power and S.Mason 40578 Gives time/azimuth/coords for planet rise/sets 145027 Planet tracker to show planet motions etc, D.Chandler 18392 Text information on past and current space probes 63187 Locations of the moons of Saturn, D.Bruton 78161 Displays relative positions of Saturn's Moons 34507 A kind of drawing of Saturn from your angles (CGA)
sifflows.img 621600 Example image for imdisp; image
sifflows.txt 1178 Example image for imdisp; info 626060 SKY3D is an interactive 3D view of the universe.
You can walk across 9100 stars and deep sky objects.
Windows interface over view mode desktop.
The program has three special view modes:
- See the sky from any point in the galaxy
- Get an inside view of the 3D relationship between
stars with Local Space sphere
- View our galaxy shape from any point
Special requirements:
DOS 5.0, 486DX 66MHz or higher,
4MB of RAM, 2MB of HDD, mouse,
VGA, VESA 1.2/2.0 video card.
Shareware US$20. 362772 SKYGLOBE v3.6 Award-winning Top Ten PC
planetarium program that is fast, fun, and
easy to use. SkyGlobe has over 29,000 stars,
constellation lines, the planets, Sun, and
Moon, the Milky Way, the Messier Objects,
and much more. It is the fastest program of
its kind available, and uses the mouse or
convenient command keys. Now with better
printing, GIF image display, and support
for up to 250,000 stars! $20 reg fee.
starmap.rev 9059 A Review of Freeware and SW MS-DOS Star Map Programs 187137 Starry Nights Indoor Astronomy by Rob Crockett 194858 SVGA/Herc astronomy planetarium simulator, G.Lee 53217 Shuttle Tracker v2.6 48619 Sun outage finder satellite dish utility v3.32 104834 A starmap program v8911, reqs 286+, VGA
_vti_cnf 0 No description available.