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Date Posted: 27Jul16

MILESTONE109.ZIP     Project Management and Time Scheduling Program.

Date Posted: 01Mar11
ascom_2.2.zip     Communications software.

Date Posted: 12Dec07


This zip file contains other zip files that were created from disks
for a Vector Graphics CP/M machine.  The disks were mostly CP/M 1.4
with a couple of CP/M 2.2 disks thrown in.  

There are a couple of interesting things with this set - in files VG05,
VG13 and VG20 you will find WordStar v0.87.  That isn't a typo.  

The archive also includes various versions of CBASIC and MBASIC as well as
a version of Ward Christensen's RESOURCE 8080 disassembler.  Documentation
for this is included.

Date Posted: 09Jun04

MOVE-IT-CPM80.ZIP     MOVE-IT serial port file transfer tool for CP/M-80
MOVE-IT-CPM80.ZIP     MOVE-IT serial port file transfer tool for CP/M-86

Date Posted: 01Mar01


POWER.COM is a CP/M program which is
"a compact package of system housekeeping utilities and
sophisticated memory/disk monitor functions that will replace many
of the separate now cluttering your disk.  POWER has been designed
to give maximum freedom to the CP/M user with special features such
as numbered menus and user protection devices...."

Date Posted: 04Jan00


"ZRT-80 CRT terminal board - manual, schematics, and
rom images (manufactured by Digital Research Computers)."

In the early days, most CP/M computers (S100 and
single-board) required a video terminal (video monitor /
keyboard combination).  The 'terminal' attached to the
computer via a serial port.

The ZRT-80 was a 'budget' terminal - a kit consisting of a
single pcb to which one added a parallel ascii keyboard
and video monitor.  As many were sold, they are likely to
turn up on the surplus market.  I thought it would be a
good idea to preserve the manual/schematics etc for
anyone needing it.                                       

Date Posted: 15May99

WHM.ZIP        Write Hand Man v2.1

CATCHUM.ZIP    Game for CP/M

LADDER.ZIP     Game of Ladder for CP/M

ROOTS_M.ZIP    Roots/M v1.04 Geneolgy Program

Date Posted: 30Jul98

ANDRA.ZIP      Andratech EPROM programmer software

BBUG13.ZIP     Big Bord user disk #13 [Micro Cornucopia]

CGRAPH.ZIP     Clermont Graphics plotting package


Date Posted: 10Jun98

MUMATH.ZIP     Microsoft MUSIMP/MUMATH v2.14