Submission Guidelines

Software submitted for posting to the Commercial CP/M Software Archive
must meet the following criteria:

1.  The software must not be obtainable from the original publisher.

2.  The software must not be obtainable from any retail entity as authorized
    by the original publisher.

3.  If the original publisher no longer exists as a commercial entity,
    their software may be submitted.

4.  If the original publisher was purchased by a commercial entity that is
    currently in business, BUT the software is still not obtainable by normal
    commercial means, the software may be submitted.
    [For example, dBase II can be submitted since Ashton-Tate was purchased
    by Borland/Inprise AND dBase II cannot be purchased from them any longer.]

5.  No public domain software will be accepted.  There are many sites on the
    net that provide this software.  There is no need for it to be duplicated

If an existing company wishes their software to be removed from this site for
any reason, a letter indicating their ownership and their desire to have the
software be removed MUST be sent to me via a normal mail carrier. [USPS,
FedEx, etc.]

The letter must also be printed on current company letterhead.
[Address below]

Email submissions requesting that software be removed will be ignored.
The reason for this is that it's far too easy to fake an email address and
I don't have the time to chase down every fscking luser that feels they
need to try to "scare" me.

Vendors still selling commercial software for CP/M that wish packages to be
removed must contact the original publisher or the original publishers
authorized agent for action.  If the original publisher or an authorized
agent no longer exists, photocopies of recent [within 2 previous
calendar years] sales of the software package mentioned must be submitted.
If there were no sales within the previous 2 calendar years, then:
"Frankly buddy, ya blew it.  You should've sold what stock you had when CP/M
was a commercially popular platform.  Gaze lovingly at the box, for it's now
all yours to keep for eternity."

Software submitted to me via normal mail MUST be in 5-1/4" format if it is
original media.  I don't have the hardware to read anything else.
CD-ROM, 3-1/2" & 5-1/4" disks are ok as well if they're in a DOS format. 

You also need to include what hardware platform the disk was formatted under,
AND it needs to be one that is supported by Sybex's 22disk software package.
If you want to submit documentation, please understand that I'd much prefer
a photocopy unless you can afford to give the originals away.  I'll be more
than happy to return any paper documentation that's sent to me providing
there is a SASE included for its return.

Email submissions can be sent to  Please include "CP/M:"
in the beginning of the subject line so I can spot submissions among the
volume of mail I get.  Please include a description of the software you're
sending, along with what version it is, and what specific hardware platform
it was destined for if needed.

Software for CP/M-80, CP/M-86, CP/M-68k, MP/M (and its variants), and
TurboDOS qualify as "CP/M" software for this site.

My mailing address is
Gene Buckle
3405 54th Avenue East
Tacoma, WA

Thanks for taking the time to read this blowhard document. :)

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