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IEEE-696 / S-100 Bus Documentation and Manuals Archive

UPDATE February 2006:

I started a BLOG to talk about some of this stuff.
I'd love to hear from others on this blog about S-100 and old-computer related things. News and update information to this archive will be posted to the blog.



Wanted List

NOTE: there is an excellent on-line collection of manuals at: http://bitsavers.org/pdf/  Other links are listed below.


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icon 3b2   Folder 09/14/04 08:35:42  
icon ADC   Folder 07/06/04 01:07:29  
icon AMD   Folder 07/09/04 09:25:49  
icon Adax   Folder 06/09/04 19:00:01  
icon Altair   Folder 08/28/05 16:50:37  
icon Ampro   Folder 10/05/04 13:09:39  
icon Artec   Folder 06/09/04 19:00:06  
icon Bondwell   Folder 11/28/04 13:20:44  
icon CCS   Folder 10/23/04 10:06:23  
icon CDC   Folder 06/09/04 19:00:09  
icon Calcomp   Folder 06/21/04 11:38:16  
icon Central Data   Folder 10/05/04 10:22:51  
icon CompuPro   Folder 02/09/05 17:20:27  
icon CompuTime   Folder 10/05/04 10:23:05  
icon Corvus   Folder 06/09/04 19:00:10  
icon Cromemco   Folder 12/28/04 16:45:31  
icon DUAL   Folder 06/09/04 19:00:13  
icon Diablo   Folder 10/05/04 10:23:13  
icon Digital Electronics   Folder 10/05/04 10:23:18  
icon Digital Research   Folder 10/10/04 21:30:38  
icon Digital Systems   Folder 10/20/04 10:08:44  
icon DigitalResearch - Software   Folder 03/23/05 12:17:23  
icon Don Lancaster TV Typewriter   Folder 10/05/04 11:33:48  
icon Dutronics   Folder 10/20/04 10:08:44  
icon Dynabyte   Folder 10/20/04 10:08:44  
icon Electralogics   Folder 06/09/04 19:00:14  
icon Electric Pencil   Folder 09/15/04 07:36:50  
icon Epson   Folder 10/05/04 13:09:39  
icon Evotek   Folder 06/09/04 19:00:16  
icon GIMX   Folder 10/05/04 11:21:36  
icon Hayes   Folder 09/14/04 20:55:44  
icon Heath-Zenith   Folder 10/05/04 10:20:25  
icon IMSAI   Folder 03/23/05 12:17:24  
icon Intel   Folder 10/13/04 17:33:18  
icon Intel 8080 Manual   Folder 10/05/04 11:22:34  
icon Ithaca Audio   Folder 09/15/04 07:27:42  
icon Jade   Folder 11/28/04 13:06:18  
icon Konan   Folder 07/14/04 11:37:45  
icon Memory Merchant   Folder 06/21/04 11:30:51  
icon Micro 6502 Magazine   Folder 10/05/04 11:23:33  
icon MicroSolutions   Folder 12/28/04 16:46:02  
icon Micropolis   Folder 07/14/04 14:05:24  
icon Microsoft   Folder 10/05/04 11:23:40  
icon Modula2   Folder 10/23/04 10:27:06  
icon Morrow   Folder 09/14/04 20:59:17  
icon Mullen   Folder 07/14/04 14:00:59  
icon Netronics   Folder 09/01/05 01:46:47  
icon Northstar   Folder 09/01/05 01:14:25  
icon OAE   Folder 06/09/04 22:17:58  
icon OSI   Folder 10/05/04 11:24:10  
icon Osborne   Folder 10/05/04 13:49:19  
icon Persci   Folder 09/14/04 21:00:01  
icon PolyMorphic   Folder 10/05/04 16:56:18  
icon Problem Solver Systems   Folder 10/05/04 11:26:39  
icon Processor Technology   Folder 10/05/04 11:24:55  
icon QT Computer   Folder 06/09/04 22:18:19  
icon RNB Enterprises (KIM1 stuff)   Folder 09/15/04 07:37:41  
icon Radio Shack   Folder 03/23/05 12:17:24  
icon S100   Folder 06/09/04 22:18:27  
icon SD Sales   Folder 10/23/04 10:02:35  
icon SKI Electronics   Folder 10/23/04 10:27:07  
icon SMS (Static Memory Systems)   Folder 10/05/04 11:27:30  
icon SWTPC   Folder 10/05/04 16:55:20  
icon Scelbi   Folder 10/05/04 16:52:53  
icon Seals   Folder 10/05/04 11:27:21  
icon Seattle Computer Products   Folder 06/21/04 13:12:00  
icon Shugart   Folder 10/05/04 16:59:20  
icon Simpliway   Folder 06/09/04 22:18:42  
icon Software   Folder 10/23/04 10:27:07  
icon Solid State Music   Folder 02/09/05 17:25:23  
icon TDL   Folder 10/23/04 10:02:56  
icon Tandon   Folder 10/05/04 11:28:27  
icon Tarbell   Folder 09/14/04 21:01:35  
icon TeleTek   Folder 07/14/04 11:35:29  
icon Unclassified   Folder 09/01/05 01:28:29  
icon Vector Graphics   Folder 06/09/04 22:19:21  
icon Wameco   Folder 10/05/04 11:28:41  
icon Western Digital   Folder 09/01/05 01:14:26  
icon Z-System   Folder 07/14/04 13:46:50  
icon Zilog   Folder 09/01/05 01:52:48  



If you have any S-100-related manuals not listed on this page, I am interested in obtaining a copy so that I can scan it and post it on this web page.  If you can provide a copy/scan, please email me at: hharte@hartetec.com.  You may upload electronic versions of the manuals to: ftp://ftp.hartetec.com/pub/incoming.  This is a blind upload directory, so no files will show up in the directory listing.  I prefer scans in TIFF, DCX, or PDF formats.  JPEG usually does not produce optimal results for monochrome images.

NOTE: if you sent me copies of manuals that I posted to this web site, and you want credit (ie, your name mentioned) in the listings below, please email me.  Up until now, I have left off the names of contributors to protect their privacy.  This will be the default listing method unless you tell me otherwise.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this archive.  The collection has grown to over 4.1GB in PDF format, and well over 10GB in raw DCX/TIFF image format.  If you would like the raw scans for cleanup/OCR purposes, please email me. 

You may freely mirror this site under the following conditions:

  1.  Acknowledge the existence of this site (a link is sufficient)

  2.  Notify me of any electronic-format S-100-related manuals that I don't have listed.

Links of Interest:

Randy McLaughlin's S-100 Manuals Site: http://www.s100-manuals.com

The SIMH Altair 8800 Emulator: http://www.schorn.ch/cpm/intro.html

The SIMH Main site: http://simh.trailing-edge.com/

The Altair32 Emulator Project

The Official IMSAI Web Site: http://www.imsai.net

The CBIOS Boneyard, an excellent source for CBIOS Source code.

UPDATE March 2005:

My web hosting provider started enforcing their 3GB disk space quota.  I'm trying to get more space, but as of now, this hasn't happened.  As a result, I've taken some content offline and left the index pages intact so people can see what is available, even if it is not online.  I've tried to remove manuals that are either duplicates, not related to S-100 directly, or are available elsewhere. The following manual directories have been affected:

Altair Most manuals are available elsewhere on the Internet
Digital Reeearch - Software CP/M and Tools related manuals, most available elsewhere on the Internet.
Heath-Zenith H89 and CPM-85 Manual Removed
IMSAI Duplicate manuals removed. IMSAI PCS 80/10 manual removed as most of it is duplicated in other manuals.
Radio Shack Even though the TRS-80 line is not an S-100 system, I was reluctant to take these down as I used to be really into the TRS-80.
Unclassified Various unclassified manuals, may not be available elsewhere
Zilog Z80-related books, datasheets, etc.  Taken down because much of this should be available elsewhere on the Internet.

If you need one of the manuals that I've take offline, please email me and I will send it to you via e-mail.



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Recently added (11/8 through 11/10/2004):  (These were obtained at VCF 7.0)  Many more to follow in the coming days.


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Added June, 2004:

These following are not in great shape.  They should be cleaned up and re-sized to 8.5x11"  If you clean any of these up, I'd like a copy.

Added May, 2004: