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This page contains Z80/Z180/PIC related documentation, source code, electronic schematics and executable files created by the author during various home projects. All files present are copyrighted by the author, Francis Görmarker, but anyone who finds it useful may download and use the information in any non-commercial context. Please read the  legal notice. 

Most files are GNU tar/gzipped archives with executables or Adobe PDF documents. No source code for the tools is published at this time but if you send me an email stating why you want the source code I may send it to you directly. The published information can roughly be divided into the following main areas: 

NVRAM expansion project: use battery backed CMOS RAM with Z80.

RTC project: add battery backed realtime clock to Z80.

IDE interface project: use standard IDE drives with Z80.

Floppy disk controller project: use 3.5" PC disks with Z80.

PIC 16F84 microcontroller project: R/C elevon mixer.

Z80 MMU bank switching circuit, break the 64K barrier.

Standard MIDI interface current loop interface circuits.

TML2 cross compiler tools for Z80/Z180/Z280 target, various host platforms supported.

Z80 software emulator with bank swithed memory, RAM-disk, CTC, SIO, interrupts etc.

OS-X priority based pre-emptive multitasking operating system for Z80/Z180/Z280 target. 

Z80/Z180 hardware designed and built by the author.

Generic Z80180 CPU board professionally produced PCBs available.

Development site a quick glance at the facilities.

Download the Z80 development tools.


Family domain: www.gormarker.se

For more information, questions, feedback etc please contact me at: francis.gormarker@swipnet.se 

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Last updated: January 4 2004