-Congratulations! (Thanks!) You (me) have a Joomla site! Joomla makes it easy to build a website.


I've done it! I finally have updated the whole site to a new CMS, Joomla. Despite the fact that i have nothing against Mambo on which i run my old site for several years, i have to admit at a certain point, that Joomla is much more updated, complete and modern.

So i'm back again.

 Doing this port to a new CMS i found that some of the old content is no more valid. Some sites for an example, have disappeared from the net, like www.guntersville.net a site that housed a lot of software on the Osborn computer. Apart from this, rather annoying itself, I will try to update the contents as soon as possible.
... Hoping to add new ones as soon as possible ...
See you!

Piergiorgio Betti