Another gift from indefatigable Emmanuel has arrived . This time is a book about "Z-80 ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE UNDER TurboDOS" by R. Roger Breton and a retyped document describing TurboDOS.

Here a little extract for those who don't knows what TurboDOS is:
"The TurboDOS operating system is a product of Software 2000, Inc., and is trademarked and copyrighted by them. At MuSYS Corp., we have used TurboDOS in conjunction with various slave processor boards to construct a wide variety of S-100 Bus-based computer systems, ranging from two to over sixty users.
TurboDOS is designed for multiprocessor networks of Z-80-based computers, although single-user versions are available. Extensive use is made of the Z-80 instruction set to achieve a highly table-oriented and re-entrant architecture, which is very adaptable to the user's environment. In addition to MuSYS, many companies are selling TurboDOS for specific hardware configurations, on an OEM basis. This is one of the primary distinctions with other multiprocessor operating systems, which are supported by only a single vendor."