CMS for this site (Mambo) has been upgraded to its latest version 4.6.1. Since this is a major upgrade it takes some time to have all the works done... Now i hope to have again my head on real site content that is much more funny :-))
However please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of any broken link or anomaly you find. Thanks.

I've also found a bug for mambo 4.6 and it SEF url that i'm now using on this site. The bug prevent any link apart that using com_content to be functionals if they use an "ItemId" parameter. A correction has been posted on Mambo forum and also here for those interested:
The bug is in "includes/sef.php" module and can be resolved commenting out (or deleting if you're really brave) lines 352-357 that appears in this way:

// Other types of URL than content do not use Itemid in the SEO version

             // if (isset($check_params['itemid'])) {
             //         $pkey = $check_params['itemid'];
             //         unset($params[$pkey]);
             //         unset($check_params['itemid']);
             // }

Hope this is useful for someone!