Added an article on the realization of an RTC for our Z80 Nuova Elettronica. From a collaboration Piergiorgio Betti / Pino Giaquinto.

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Aggiunto un  articolo sulla realizzazione di un RTC per il nostro Z80 Nuova Elettronica. Da una collaborazione Piergiorgio Betti/Pino Giaquinto.

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Pino Giaquinto provides un upgrade on his Z80NE ps/2 keyboard interface, now at version 3.3.1.

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Nuovo aggiornamento sull'interfaccia per tastiera ps/2 di Pino Giaquinto, giunto alla release 3.3.1.

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Finally access to mirror's page had been restored.

RAID storage has been completely replaced and site moved to a new server. Hope this run still better.

Mirrored location will be updated (for live sites. at least) next days.

I have had some problems with site's storage array.

One of the raid5 disks is broken and to prevent real data loss, the storage has been turned off and, as a result, site mirroring is not currently available.

I'll post an upadate on this as soon as the this will be fixed to restore full access to mirrors page.

Please be patient.