I'm sorry, this article is a bit offtopic for my site contents...

As the title says i'm  talking about the gnome15 suite of utilities to drive Logitech keyboards of the "G" series under Linux.

Normally this project's software belong to the site of Nuno Araujo "russo79.com", but after a reinstall of my workstation i found the bad surprise that this site went down and actually is still offline, and, very bad, thare are no other repositories for the suite.

Since i found no other place where the gnome15 suite can be retrieved, but in need of it for my keyboard, i tried to find a solution.

After googling around i discover that the (latest?) version is available on https://github.com/achilleas-k/gnome15.

With that version of the suite and some other search i managed to recover a set of rpm's that can be used to reinstall the suite.

Please note: i'm NOT taking in charge the developement of gnome15, i just rebuilded a set of functional packages.

What you find here is for an rpm like installation and has been tested on an openSuse 13.2 64bit.

Use/modify the sources packages if you need gnome15 for a different platform.

Hope this can be useful for someone...


 In case i miss something, drop me a note. This is the only kind of support i can offer. Smile

 Some suggestions:

Do not install g15daemon if you don't really need it.

Rebuilding froms source packages is as simple as:

$ rpmbuild --rebuild <packagename>.src.rpm


If rpmbuild complains about required development packages, simply install them with zypper (for openSuse).